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the order you reassemble your gun can sometimes cause the gearbox to jack up which can push the motor out of alignment especially if the grip isn't aligned with the motor. The adjustment screw needs to be centered. My suggestion would be to assemble the gun in this order.

Rear body pin, mag-catch, rear stock (while putting on the rear stock push the mag-catch if its getting resistance your gearbox is jacking up a bit, as soon as you get resistance stop screwing in the stock), then start screwing in the grip until the mag-catch feels like it goes in and out freely, use that mag catch as your guide to see if the gearbox is getting jacked up too much or too low, it will show as resistance on the catch. tighten and and loosen screws in the stock and grip until everything feels secure, then put in the motor and end plate to the grip (make sure to align them), magpul grips are the easiest to do this with because you can unscrew the motor height screw and see if the motor shifted... other then that, maybe bad shim job?
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