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While it is the way it should be done, we need to see what kind of guys we can get and then see what kind of work can be accomplished. We can talk having a new design as long as we want but if no designer are available, we wasted our time. But then again, website coding is not my thing so maybe it can't be done that way at all. You tell me.

Originally Posted by Searcher View Post
Need to nail down a list of what needs done before the web tech deluge begins.
I'm chiming in for the roll call.
Web Application Dev. DB to UI.
Personally speaking, I started with the HR search because we need to figure out who is available and what can be accomplished. For instance, someone that can design, properly code a website, properly build a security system for it, etc. If we can't get one perfect coder to do everything, we need to see who can work with who, etc. We might need to go toward a pre-built website such as to get something going.
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