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Originally Posted by ReverseFlank View Post
Yes, BBs are inconsistent. So is your point of aim when you don't have a reticule. That first shot is just a guess and you will have to adjust from there. Also if you are seeing that much inconsistency within reasonable distance you might have other issues.

My previous build I switched between a micro dot and iron sights. I would have the occasional flyer but I pretty much knew that every time I pulled the trigger the BB could hit a head sized target around that dot at my skirmishing distance.

But, in the end it is your toy gun not mine. Whatever floats your boat.
"That first shot is just a guess and you will have to adjust from there." That what your suppose to do. It literally means nothing weather you have a reticule or not. If you listen to what military snipers say they always talk about how almost no kill is a one shot engagement. Meaning the first shot is almost always a spotting round or a "guess". Which almost always miss. Then they adjust accordingly. The same applys to airsoft. You really dont need a reticule for your first shot or even to adjust. When you do not know how to adjust or hold before hand to even make your first shot matter. If you line up your cross hairs directly on were your shooting and fire your going to miss because you did no compensation unless your really lucky.
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