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Originally Posted by ReverseFlank View Post
....Why not use a magnified optic? Then you can at least have a point of aim for your first shot.

Because of the nature of bbs being so much more inconsistent when compared to real bullets. Having a reticle is almost worthless and really only obstructs your view. Although this is up to personal preference weather you see it that way. I just received my 3x magnifier and finished testing it. I honestly love the thing makes seeing how the bbs fly much easier to be able to adjust. Do to its compact size it also allow me to be able to attach my rail mounted lens protector in front. Which a normal scope would have required me to either get a hand guard rail or make a custom scope protector. Having it mounted and looking at it actually does not look to bad. Ultimately what works for me might not work for you. So all I can tell you is you can consider the option of using a 3x magnifier as a standalone sight.
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