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Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
Jonah and loki both make valid points. If your looking for more range a good hop- up and a good inner barrel make a huge difference FPS is and can be overrated and really has nothing to do with range. Just a good barrel makes a big difference with accuracy a tightbore like a 601 to 604 is a good start.
One of my AEG's only shoots 360 but has 200 foot range and shoots pretty accurate. It has a 110 spring and a bore up piston head and cylinder head and a zero cylinder a 604 inner barrel.
Well i all ready have a M16 length 603 tight bore barrel in it posted below. The gun has a aluminum piston head with a polycarbonate piston head. Even though i have these upgrade and adjust the hop-up unit it seems to still shot inconsistently when it come to accuracy.
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