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OverLord's Spring Cleaning Sale

Alright gents, since summer airsoft is coming up, i have a few things i need to get rid so i can fund more stuff. Everything is open to offers but please be realistic.

Location: Milford Ohio
Payment information: Paypal or cash/check



Now onto the Sale

1. Magpul FPG by KWA

Great little gun, nothing wrong with it, works flawless. Safe, Semi, Full auto. 1 non leaking 48 round magazine included with the magpul bottom plate. Only things with the gun are a poorly covered up flash hider (could use a repaint) and a bit of hot glue placed on the internal spring for the reciever release (reinforces it and holds it in place better, nearly all of them have some sort of reinforcement as its the weakest point on the gun)

Keep in mind, these guns are discontinued and will likely not be remade. They run new at 340$ and since this is now a discontinued gun, I would like to keep the price at 290$ shipped, 275$ face to face.

Pictures upon request.


2. Classic army AK74

Great gun, amazing paint job, no issues, pretty much bone stock. No issues. Gun and 2 high cap mags are included. Lipo Ready. Only thing is a missing underbarrel cleaning rod and no flash hider. Other than that, its perfect and would make an awesome terrorist/cia loadout gun.

Priced to sell at 160$ shipped 130$ face to face



Closed bolt version, upgraded RA TECH bolt which has been swiss cheesed for increased efficiency and kick. Other than that the gun is bone stock and has seen less than 2k rounds through it. Comes with 2 magazines, one leaky one not leaky. Only cosmetic issues are no flash hider and the cheek riser button is broken but can be fixed. Gun runs awesome and feels real.

Priced at SOLD


4. HFC Glock 17

Gun is currently broken. Needs a new cylinder which can be acquired on evike for about 17$. I use a .45 and have no need for a second pistol. My loss is your gain. I had one of these earlier and they are fantastic little guns. they hold gas forever and have pretty awesome range. Metal slide, Glock imitation logo (not exact) very easy to work on and simple in design. Gun comes with a Real steel black hawk SERPA and one non leaky mag.

50$ shipped
45$ face to face


5. Classic Army MK46 SAW.

This thing has been awesome to me. The gun is brutally fast and looks better than 95% of support guns that ive seen. Amazing paint job from the guys at storm blade when the saw was theirs. Its now mine and since i dont use it anymore, its time to see if i can sell it. The gun is 100% working and 100% perfect externally Quick detatch para length outer barrel, tight bore inner, SHS piston, echo 1 (i think) torque motor, replaced G&P ball bearings, Sorbo on the cylinder head, new air nozzle. 300-330 fps and well into the upper 20's to lower 30's rps on a 11.1.

Externally it is a Saw para with removed carry handle, added railed feed tray, it also has both the upper and lower metal ris systems.

The new classic army saw mk46's with only the lower rail retail at 550$. to buy the metal rails separate will run you well over 100$

Gun does not include a box mag (its too fast for them to consistently feed) instead the gun includes 2 450 round metal high caps and 1 300 round high cap. Will also include a chain of 5.56 rounds. Pictures upon request.

Since this gun is so heavy, shipping cost is 500$ shipped and 450$ face to face. You will not find a better looking and better shooting Classic army with full rails anywhere else, they are a rare piece.


6. MICH 2002 helmet (unknown brand) got it from 321 a few years ago. Since then i havnt done much to it other than add velcro. Paint is chipped but gives you a good worn look. (picture in avatar) Thing is very solid, pads are still good, straps perfect, no fraying, no broken buckles.

Shipped 45$ face to face 40$

Will add more later on.


Adding more, since its later on.

Box of 5 King arms M14 mid cap mags. Unused still in box.

30$ FTF 35$ Shipped


Lonex V2 silver wiring set. Unused, still in box.

15$ face to face 18$ shipped

Mich 2001 ARC rails. Unused, do not come with the mounting screws.

20$ FTF, 25$ shipped

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