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Ares GSG G14 Review

This is the GSG G14, OEM'd by ARES and licensed by Cybergun. To this date, the only known real steel replica comes in the form of .22 caliber - which was released at the same time the airsoft version was.

Out of the box, this gun felt very cheaply made. And in some ways, it is.The plastic is cut very poorly, the fire selector is very...wonky. Often vibrating itself from semi-auto into two round burst and then into full-auto. And the body just doesn't seem to mesh properly.

I have tested several mags in the G14, and the JG G36 hicaps do fit and feed. The gun comes with a 50 round mid, so I was praying I had the right hicaps for it. HOWEVER, the G36 auto-winding drum mag that is on the market DOES NOT FIT AT ALL.

Internally, the gun takes a different turn. Boasting a reinforced EBB version 3 gearbox, ARES mosfet, full metal tooth piston, quick-change spring system, and from what I have heard/seen in videos, would normally be shooting around 400 FPS out of the box. How do I know about the internals if there's no internal reviews?

Well...It didn't work properly out of the box. I mean, electronically it worked. It "fired" but BBs would no load into the hop-up and nothing would feed. Only AFTER I had ordered the gun did some things start popping up on Evike's comment section on the gun. Something about the tappet not connecting to the air nozzle. So I ASSUMED that was my problem, and instead of sending it back to Evike and waiting another week for it to come back, I tore into and sure enough, that was the issue.I completely had to replace the tappet plate, as the stock one was utterly useless. Luckily, the quick change spring system allowed MUCH easier take down of the gun. HOWEVER, the trigger system in this is very similar to a G36 trigger, only slightly larger and has extra components since the trigger contacts have been eliminated and replaced with the ARES mosfet which uses a switch on the outside of the gearbox. This trigger was ESPECIALLY FUN TO PUT BACK IN.

After replacing the tappet, the gun started to feed and actually work the way its supposed to. The rate of fire and trigger response are sub-par initially. Modifying the switch on the outside of the gearbox is one way to easily add some trigger response. I super glued a chunk of an eraser to the switch, eliminating the gap between the switch and the trigger.

I actually had to do a lot to this gun to get it where I wanted. SHS high torque motor, M130 spring (chronoing in at 400 FPS with .25s), and I also wired it do deans. This giving it the perfect combination of range, FPS, and trigger response (not to mention ROF but it isn't allowed to go full auto at the field). My next ventures hope to be a mock suppressor with a TBB running through it.

The gun retails for around $200, however I got it on sale at Evike for $149 - but the tappet plate issue kinda revealed why it was on sale.
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