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"It's true, you've built an extremely accurate weapon. You just don't look good shooting it." - Sakujosei, the most deadly airsoft sniper evar. - 6/29/2013

The bottom is the rifle most people are familiar with. It started life as a JG full metal S-System M4. I think the grip and buffer tube are still original.
Functionally, it's got a Prommy hop-up unit, R-Hopped Prommy 6.03 440mm barrel, and a HS5 carbon fiber long-range barrel. Due to the flexibility of the carbon fiber, I house the whole shebang in a 16.25" dragon-fire free float rail system. Pictured above with the night vision sight I used at Crucible 2.

This used to be my DMR, shooting ~500fps w/ .20g bbs, however OOTBI and Devil's Playground limiting everything to 400 changed my mind a bit. I installed the gold low flow poppet valve, red nozzle, switched it back to full auto, and use it as my standard battle rifle. It's very quiet, and still very accurate out to about 280-300 feet when shooting .40s, although I generally use .30s. .40g bbs cost more to shoot than pennies.

Settings (off the top of my head): DP 20, DR 22, DN 16, RF 1

The top rifle is an M14 EBR converted by Bingo Airsoftworks. This is my new DMR platform. Presently, it has a flat hop installed, and shoots fairly well out to around 300 feet when set to ~500fps w/ .20g bbs. My intention is to install an ER-hop before Sovereign Fury.
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