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Fake Bolt removed

As I said in my intro thread, I am brand new to the game. I am however not new to forums. I have searched multiple times and can't find a direct answer...

Is removal the fake bolt behind the dust cover going to create any issues for my cheapy Lancer LT-04b? I disassembled the upper receiver and in doing so the fake bolt detached. It really doesn't seem to do anything other maybe offer a little extra protection from stuff getting into the receiver and making hop up adjustments a little more tedious. It didn't seem to want to go back in either, so I was hoping that there wouldn't be an issue with leaving it off. The charging handle seems to have a touch of play when fully pulled that I didn't notice before, but then again I never looked for it before either.

Has anyone heard of any issues that could come from not having it in there?
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