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I need to know where I can get some mid caps for a JG G36C...
if you scroll down the page you will see an article linked.

G&P, Classic Army, STAR, King Arms, and MAG all make G36 Midcaps. King Arms and MAG may require some modifications for proper fitting.

You can find these mags at almost any US Retailer selling a G36.

...preferably for a lower price...
Lower price than what? Airsoft Prices are fluid, meaning they fluctuate weekly, if not daily. Finding a lower price requires you to compare amongst the available retailers. You can find your own lower price now that you know WHAT to look for.

Do a google search, find retailers offering those items, find out if they are in stock, factor in shipping, and decide for yourself which price is lower.

All I find is the 470 rd hicap.
That is because Echo 1 and JG only make hicaps for the G36.

Question Answered, thread closed.

Have a nice day.
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