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I do notice that a lot of people here are complaining about events starting on-time, and putting the burden on the organizers to start them with or without the players. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The orgs post when you should be there, and when you should be ready. As a player you should get there with enough time to gear up, chrono, and meet up with anyone that you already aren't with, need be.

For the people who are looking for urban/CQB play, Conquest has a pretty amazing facility. It has great potential, but is in its infancy now, and really needs a solid following from AO to get rolling on the necessary revamping.

Mixing up start points (not the spawns) would be a welcome change for Springfield. Starting at the top of the field gets to be repetitive. I would like to see a start in the middle of the field by the railroad tracks, at least for half the team, as if they had rappelled down.

I very much favor the use of role players, but it seems difficult to pull off sometimes. Perhaps rather than a large group of role players a smaller, dedicated group with highly developed roles could be used.
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