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Raider i understand ur situation but i would leave the age thing alone. the age limits are in place for a reason. many of the age limits are caused by insurance; and dont even try to say that people should jst get better insurance . i was talking about insurance to a paintball field owner and he was saying that the raised price comparison for lower ages in a custom insurance that meets the needs of airsoft is somewhere in the $3000-$5000 yearly range from where he gets his insurance(ie. 3g more if he wants 15 yr old than 16 yr olds). besides most people dont like to go to games with 13yr olds just because it brings alot of imaturity to the game. i know that u know people that mature for their age but there are alot of 13 yr olds that arnt so field owners/event organizers try to keep the games with higher age limits. now ocasionally people will have games where the age limits are 13+ and some of these are great but most of the time they turn into paintsoft games; thats fine but if your looking into holding a strict milsim game you probably would not have a low age limit(13-15+). just have patience, when i was 13 i thought that age limits were stupid because i didnt get to play in games that i realy wanted to play in.

you were talking about a proving thing. most event organizers use a vouch a system of older players vouching for younger players to show that they arent idiots. this however does not take the place of an age limit but is requiored by every minor who plays the game(minor=under 18)

on the topic of what i like in a game: i like strict milsim games where there are multiple objectives. i also like games where one side (usually defenders) have more people than the other (attackers). this is cool because then it gives a chalange to the attackers and tests their limits. i only like this style of play if there are multiple objectives so that the game keeps flowing and so the defenders cant stack one objective and make it impossible to complete.

just my 2 cents