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Originality - Output, well put.
Creativity - Not every prop has to look exactly the real thing. Not every "madatory break" has to stop the game (respawn time / 'helo' time from fortune cookie).
New Scenarios - Playing the "Downed Pilot" scenario called "Rescue the Scientist" is still a "downed pilot". Find the components before the other team is just another capture the flag. Hostage rescue is different. Having objectives that aren't obvious or the other side doesn't know about is much better.
Role-players - More. But they need to be planned in advance. If you have a village odds are you'll have farmers/bakers before you have police chiefs and bankers. I.e. try to create the image of an actual community that you can represent. Roleplayers as a whole shouldn't have a set allegiance. But smaller groups can.
Sides - Not all games should effectivelty be X numbers vs X number. Or X vs X vs Russian/Organizers/Roleplayers. Through in some Ys and Zs. Use the scenario objectives, roleplayers, extras (airstrikes/supply drops etc) to make each side have the OPPORTUNITY to win...not to make is FAIR.
CoC/Squads - Find COs who are interested in being involved PRIOR to the event. People who'll be online in forums or who'll make an effort to contact their CoC. Squads should be formed PRIOR to the event. "Lone Ranger"(s) shouldn't be forced into one group or another. Nor should teams be split. Why form a team if we can play with each other, or if we have to play with some rogue "untrained" (as to each team's SOP) players. Don't get me wrong, I've played with a bunch of great people/players who weren't in my team or trained with us. But I have had enough rotten apples to say enough is enough. Let the squad leaders/COC decide.
BDUs - Each squad or side should be required to dress the same (in MILSIM games). I.e. having 11 of 12 guys in ACU in a squad with 1 multi-cam...why bother. Whether it be OD vs tan, desert 3 vs ACU or whatever, each squad member should wear the same camo as the other squad members.
1 Day events - For the simple purpose of people being able to get home or back to work. 24 Hr events lead to tired players driving home which is dangerous with a lower chance of recouping before the work week.
16-18+ - For general gameplay purposes as well as safety.
Over 400 must be over 18 - Not only for Snipe's post, but also liability.
Medics/Rules - Devise a way to test one's knowledge of the rules before granting them the items to be a medic or allow them on the field. "Answer me these questions three" anyone?

Raffles - Unless you're giving away 1 of a kind (Col. McKnight autographed AEG) items, dont give anything away at all. We all paid to play, we should all benefit. I.e. props, extra water, red rags etc provided by the organizers before the game.
Briefings - Keep them short...or you've wasted your breath and everyone's time.
Rules packets - make the rules clear and short. Not long or vague.
Hikes - If you have breaks at places like springfield have them in a safe place on the field rather than the cars. If possbile provide transport to the cars and back to move stuff (like extra water or food) or to get dehydrated players off the field. Having to hike a long distance or up a hill with a potential heat casualty isn't a good place to be.
Objective prep - I have seen plenty of scenarios fail because the organizers haven't looked at what could happen. instead they focused on what should happen. By looking at what could, you can plan around potential problems to maintain control of the event to avoid disasters on the field (Al Najaf comes to mind)
Rule Enforcement - No camping or manadotory down time in pro-longed games until the community can respect the rules. Especially when it comes to safe zones. If someone is firing their weapon in the vicinity of the same zone/not wearing their goggles/not clearing their weapon, action should be taken and recorded. Mulitple violations should be punished beyond verbal warnings.

One thing 6mm has done with the few events we've hosted is to plan events that we would want to play in. Do that, and you'll find others will have liked playing in it.
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