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Originally Posted by Mavrick View Post
But, here's what i want to see from an event.

PPL WHO READ THE RULES AND BRIEFING BEFORE RSVPing TO AN EVENT. I cannot stand when ppl make themselves look like an idiot because they dont makes it hard on organizers and gives good laughing material behind your back. also, that +1, or "me and the team" crap doesnt help an organizer out at all.

Good point. I am guilty of doing this. My problem is only a few of us has access to internet. And of those few, I seem to be the only one who watches the events list. When ever I RSVP a +1 or whatever it is so I can get a spot reserved for my boys in case they want to come because I know they won't check. I always try to let the organizers know if someone decides they don't want to come, but that doesn't always work out. But you are absolutely right about it making it harder on the organizers. I am going to have to push them to get an account on here.
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