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Browning, Working on that. Link and i are looking at 62 arcres. granted not all of it will be play. But it will be something totally new and day/night based. Problem is that most responsible people will be concerned with saftey and insurance. Soon as thats figured out, we'll be good.

But, here's what i want to see from an event.

PPL WHO READ THE RULES AND BRIEFING BEFORE RSVPing TO AN EVENT. I cannot stand when ppl make themselves look like an idiot because they dont makes it hard on organizers and gives good laughing material behind your back. also, that +1, or "me and the team" crap doesnt help an organizer out at all. You cant do a good head count on a few words you typed in your comment. Its always best that they create an account and sign up themselves. Its almost 2008, everyone has access to the internet and knows how to register for a forum.
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