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It is an awesome field. Simply put, this field needs work but once that work is done it will be top notch. Just talking to the guys who went to the first game, they told me how much better it was playing the second time due to the improvements made.

Some things to remember:
Winter airsoft is completely different that summer airsoft. If you play on a field for the first time in the summer, you will hate it. I can assure you of that. The first time a wooded area is played, it is very thick. This is western PA, not northern CA. There is foliage. There are dense areas of wood, weed and rock. There are hills, there are streams and there are occasionally some wild life that you'd rather not run into.

But when winter rolls around and people play this field and pound down those weeds... most of them will die off and not come back next year, leaving the foliage lesser. As people play in the summer, the same effect happens. On my field, it was the same way. After 1 game, our staging area(which was completely overgrown in the beginning) is now completely fleshed out and set up because of foot traffic.

I also have to disagree with junkie's opinion and recommend this field to as many folks as possible. The more that get out there and play, the better it will become.

Paintsofter's beware though, this is not the field for you.
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