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New Castle Field Review

Well I have been away from the forums for a little, but I just went to the new castle game on the 11th and these are my thoughts on the field. This is my opinion only, feel free to go check it out for yourself.

The New Castle field is the newest field to hit western Pennsylvania so a couple of friends and I decided to take a trip up to the game on the 11th to see what it was all about. Since this field is so new and not many people have made the trip yet, I decided to write up a review about what we experienced.

After about an hour and a half drive to the field we parked in an open area to wait for everyone else to arrive. While here we filled out our waivers and paid the $10 game fee. (I found this fee to be a little odd since it was just a community game, but apparently the money goes toward field insurance and paying the rent to use the field). Around 11, when everyone had arrived, we drove down to the actual staging area. This was about a quarter mile from where we parked and would have been a very long walk with all your gear if you weren’t lucky enough to have a friend with a large truck. The staging area was like any other staging, an opening in the woods where everyone puts their gear.

The first thing I was told about the field was how bad the bugs were, so we all loaded up with some bug spray hoping that would help. It didn’t. The bugs were unbelievable; it was easily the worst I have ever seen on a field. This may be due to how close the field was to a pond, the perfect spot for mosquito breeding. While playing the bugs got so bad I had to call myself out so I could leave and stop being bit.

Now for the field itself, the pictures online show many of the buildings and paths around the field, but what the pictures fail to show is how dense the brush is. It is impossible to move off of the paths and still be able to keep an eye out for the other team. Once you are in the brush, which is all of the ground around the buildings and on the field, your visibility is 10ft, max. But the guys higher up in the buildings can see the brush moving as you try to fight through it making it an easy kill for them. You never even get a chance to react. Whichever team defends the buildings, which is on the higher ground, will win. And for some reason every game I played my team never got to defend. Hmm.

Also what the pictures didn’t show was how dangerous this field is. The buildings aren’t actually buildings at all, just run down concrete frames. And with these run down frames comes moss-covered slabs of concrete sticking up from the ground. These slabs are not only very sharp but also very slippery. It is extremely easy to slip on these as you are climbing to higher ground. If you do happen to slip you better pray your gun does not break your fall or you will be carrying it off the field in pieces. If your gun does not break your fall, your body will. And concrete is hard, I have a nice size lump on my knee from a fall I took during the last game. Aside from worrying if one of the “buildings” is going to fall and if you can make it over a slab of concrete, you also have to watch out for very large holes spread throughout the field. These holes are large enough to twist or possibly break ankles if you happen to fall into them. Oh, and they aren’t marked, at all. So that’s just one more thing you have to watch out for.

Also, the field is very large, and there is nothing in place to break it up. One game, an 8 v. 9 game of capture the flag, lasted for an hour but the guys I was running with only saw one enemy. If there are going to be more scenarios like this played on this field something has to be done to create out of bounds lines.

To sum it all up, the game at New Castle on the 11th was not a fun day of airsoft. The very thick brush makes it impossible to move through the field at any speed or with any stealth. It makes it very easy for whoever is guarding the building (or on higher ground) to get a quick kill, it damages your gear, it slows down the game, and it limits visibility to 10 feet. The “buildings” are just run down concrete frames and there are remnants of concrete slabs sticking up from the ground all around. Also, there are very deep holes covered over by brush and not marked. These things all factor in to make a very dangerous playing field. The concrete also damages the guns and your gear. With all of this, the bugs don’t seem like such a big deal, until you’re in an hour-long game of capture the flag and only see one enemy. Then you have plenty of time to concentrate on the bugs. To me, this field seems like to much of a risk and a hassle to host games. Since none of the players own the field rent must be paid to the owner and the owner requires insurance. This means we (the players) must pay to play at community games on weekends.

This field has many flaws, too much brush, dangerous, bug-infested, and the layout makes most games one-sided. To top it all off there is a $10 entry fee. I can say I will not be making a return trip to New Castle; I’ll take my game to better fields like McBride and Aliquippa. Oh and did I mention those two are free?
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