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Garrett Seaman Open Play AAR

Team Dark Phoenix and myself want to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone that attended our event on Saturday. Also we would like to thank Amped Airsoft, Wolverine Airsoft, Woodville Surplus, Team R8 or H8 for their donations as well as Kim and Doug from Riverbottom Assault for their support in making our day a huge success. It was great to see the amount of people that are passionate about our sport and are also willing to help out a great cause like Team Rubicon. I had done some research in them but to hear it from Jared, Theresa and Lin and the passion they have is incredible. I want let all of you know with all of your help and support we ended up raising over $700 for Team Rubicon.

On to the other stuff. We know we got a bit behind on game play and some of you got bored and antsy to go play, I take full credit for that and I do apologize. Again it was great to see some old friends and meet some new people in our sport.

We did hear of a few instances of overshooting and no hit calling, we did somewhat witness one instance of a complaint of over shooting but did not feel it was a bad as the player made it out to be. We had the shooting player and o of the staff go apologize to that player.

From what heard about the 2 man team death match from those that played hey all loved the game! Those of you that missed it I think you missed a great game.

Enough of my rambling....let us know your thoughts good or bad and again a big thanks to all of you.
In flenners basement doing things.
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