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Okay sorry for the necro post but I have a few updates..

New gearbox and motor came in, had issues soldering it but it went together fine and test fired fine. I get the body all put back on and when I got to shoot it on Semi it works like a dream besides a slightly tough trigger. Then on Full auto it will shoot as long as I hold the trigger in but after I let go it wont shoot until a few more trigger pulls. Earlier it was just shooting bursts on auto, then 1 shot, then a long stream.

It kind of varies I guess. I'm guessing this is a problem with the selector/trigger (since the trigger isn't as soft as it once was) it shoots like a dream though besides the full auto problem.

EDIT: it appears as though one of the springs working on the trigger isn't tight enough, but then the gun started to barely half cycle which then lead to the wires getting very hot and I didn't let it get further then that. Naturally I messed it up somehow but I'm not sure if my batteries blown now or if the gearbox is locked up or maybe the wiring/soldering is shot.

EDIT2: So it appears I put the wrong screw in one area (to long) and it went into the spring when when fired got it all caught and now the screw is stripped which leaves me with no visible way to get into the gearbox and get the spring on track and screw out.

EDIT3: I'm using the shell from my other G&P gearbox since there's a stripped screw sticking through the other one. Now I'm just having the same problems as before, the air nozzle doesn't have any tension and just sits there and the gearbox wont close.

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