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Operation Knee Deep (Open Play 163), 06/28/14 Hidden Spring Ranch

As posted here:

I only have few favors to ask:

1. Please take 30sec of your time and RSVP on the event page;

2. Please do not mix Tan and green based patterns. If you come with solid color, than don't use any patterns. If you come with a specific pattern, make sure you can match both bottom and top.

3. If you have a Polarstar, could you please drop the FPS to 350fps (using 0.20g bbs). This is one of the test that we got huge success this year so far from both shooters and gunned down players

4. If you have a polarstar, please bring your tournament lock.

5. Do not forget to bring extra clothes, water and something to protect your gear against the weather and theft.

That is all for now. See you in few days. If you have any questions, suggestions or comment, post them here.
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