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I just saw this was in the NEO section . That'll teach me to browse AO on my phone lol.

What I can tell you so far is this.

1. The game is slated to be a 24 hour event unless you are playing VC. The VC will show up that Friday and deploy a full day before the US forces. They have the entire day to set up camp, plan ambushes, set traps etc. The VC have captured a CIA liaison in a remote listening post on the Cambodian border. The intelligence as well as the operative are critical to US operations in the area.

2. The US forces will deploy Saturday with the only exception being 20 or so players who have volunteered to set up the base camp Friday night. The forces entering play Saturday are a company sized element reinforcing the platoon at the FOB on suspicion of major VC activity in the area. They will hike the mountain to get to the FOB and set up from there.

3. For gear restriction we are limiting players to alice gear, EDRL (M81 woodland in a pinch), solid OD or subdued tiger stripe. Weapons will be limited to the M14 (full sized only), M4 with carry handle (simulating an XM-177), M16 (handguards a must) simulating an A1. Obviously period specific gear is a plus and those who come in full nam kit will get recognition or perhaps an in game perk. Ammunition and food will be delivered via "airdrop" at intervals during the game to the FOB. We are thinking 2 MRE's per player as part of the admission cost. We looked for C-Rats but I'm fairly sure they would kill you if you ate them .

4. Immersion is the name of the game for this one. While we realize there is a level of immersion lost allowing an M4 with handguards and a carry handle is not an XM177 or an M16A4 with a handle and handguards isn't an A1 we realized that allowing similar weapons would help encourage players to try out a new way of playing airsoft. We are planning a pyro budget, looking at surplus illumination flares etc as well.

Any feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated .
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