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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
That's why we don't allow mesh masks here.
There is less experience here with BioBBs so this happened before those characteristics were fully understood. Most games here are played on private lands and eyewear options are more liberal, but at my games I've banned mesh as well, and my EcoBB product label has a specific warning about open mesh goggles. If you play here at a paintball field, you have no options, you have to wear proper paintball eyewear.

I think the BioBB has made more inroads in the US in part due to the fact that your country has a better acceptance of airsoft and you get the option to play on government lands, so they control and demand BioBBs. In Canada airsoft is very much an underground sport because of the anti-gun culture that has evolved here (mostly in our cities, go to the country and everyone hunts and has guns) so, aside from taxing us, the government prefers to ignore the sports existence and any laws we do have pertaining to airsoft, fall under the firearms act.
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