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Originally Posted by NegSpace View Post
After looking at your site, I am curious if you do or will offer bio BB's at some point.
Funny you ask, I just did a dry run of .20g and .25g in a starch based BioBB I've called "EcoBBs" (simply a marketing thing to differentiate them). I've done some things dimensionally and with polish with this batch, and also done some things with the packaging. BioBBs are not as popular where I am and in one particular case got a bad rap for disintegrating against a mesh mask nearly blinding someone. Also storage can be an issue. I've comp'd out about 30 bags so far for feedback. I'm letting my customers decide whether I should carry them or not. I've shot them in my tightbore (Prometheus 6.02) and they seem no different from their .25g styrene based counterpart - but that's totally anecdotal.
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