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Because of the rising threat that North Korea poses to regional states as well as it's potential to become an Intercontinental threat, the United States has tasked a small force to the North Korean theater for a covert operation, in order to identify potential nuclear threats, and if found quietly eliminate them.

The US Vanguard force has been tapped for this operation.

The US vanguard is comprised of elite US and allied forces from around the globe. Drawn from the best of the best military operators, the Vanguard force is tasked with dealing eliminating threats that the normal Military forces are not suited for, nor trained for. Before a threat happens it is the Vanguard that makes sure it never does.

North Korea has been working tirelessly to create an intercontinental nuclear missile program.

The Korean People's Army Special Operation Force, consists of specially equipped and trained "elite" military units trained to perform military, political, or psychological operations for North Korea.
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