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Just to be clear here, a "short" or short-circuit refers to when the circuit has an unwanted closed loop allowing current flow. If you had a short, the gun would either fire uncontrollably and/or the battery would get hot quickly after plugging it in.

Using continuity would tell you if current has the ability to flow between two points, be it wire, the gearbox shell, gun casing, etc. You can use the meter to test between the black motor connector and black prong on your battery connect (gun side) to see if there is a break somewhere along the wire. You can also do this for the red wire by pulling the trigger and seeing if current can flow. If you find a length were current doesn't flow, you can break that section down further to find the break. The meter is your diagnostic tool, it only tells you if your test is a pass or fail. From there you need to be methodical in hunting down the issue.

If its electrical for that matter.
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