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Looking for a gun smith.

Hey, as some of you have seen I have asked a lot of questions about my kwa cqb and I thinks it's time for me to nut up and just ask for someone to help me fix up this gun a bit. I will pay for your time and the parts. I prefer we meet and work on the gun together that way no party feels like they will get ripped off. The problems with the gun...

Horrible range (like 60ft and then it's on the ground, hop up doesn't help much) I have replaced the bucking with a G&G green bucking and it didn't help.

I play a lot of outdoor games so I would like to use this gun sometimes outdoors but still keep it indoor friendly (under 350fps).

The gun is also quite loud, there is a loud bong noise every time the trigger is pulled. I don't know if it's the piston head slamming or what. I'm not good wit gearboxes. Also sounds like the gears are a little bad, I have adjusted the motor height and it doesn't seem to do much.

I live in Sheffield Lake so anyone close to me would be great. I would just take it to AirsoftSmith but it's too far of a drive. I also have a CA m4a1 I need some help with. Seems to be the same range issue as stated above with the cqb.

If this post is in the wrong place I apologize, I didn't know if I should put it here cause I need help or the classifieds cause I'm fine with paying someone.

I pay in cash!

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