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Originally Posted by fredwordsplat View Post
Yeah im definitely tired of seeing New Players on here getting lit up for asking questions. I mean hey! Without them our sport will die... Very Quickly
Keep hearing over the last 16 years in one form or another that if experienced players don't kowtow to the new players the hobby will die.

For a time I flat out extended a bold FU to new hobbyists who weren't willing to think for themselves, do their homework, or otherwise not behave like spoiled children and make a real effort.

Well, 16 years later, there are even more opportunities for airsofters to play, mod their guns, and hit on hawt lady airsofters. And that theory of the hobby ending because we didn't hold your hand, feed you baby food and tell you what a big boy you are playing war - never quite came to fruition.

So maybe, being encouraged to think and learn and listen is not a bad thing. It just hurts your tiny feelings for a little while while you ball up uyour fist and pretend your opinion will change the world while any negativity will end it.

Or maybe, it really doesn't matter that much what a person's opinion is, that you'll learn everything you need to know by playing and experiencing the hobby instead of trying to avoid the valuable education by trying to cliff note it on a message board.
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