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Originally Posted by Moldybeaverbones View Post
Why does it seem that on the older side of airsofters, they have 0% tolerance towards children? I know that there are some brats that play that never call their hits and other crap but what about the kids that don't do crap, I think it would be better to give the good kids a chance
Rule #1: Don't be a douchebag. This was implemented years ago by six mil and needs to be the first rule of every event. If that rule is followed, there shouldn't be any issues, new or old.

People treat new jacks almost the same everywhere you go - whether it's work, the gym, airsoft, costco, **** anywhere you go, if you're new, people look at you weird. They act like you're some kind of retard. It happens. Ignore the asswipes who won't give you a time of day and be nice to the guys who do.

FYI this game is full of childish adults, so...get use to that whole thing. There's always going to be a dickweasel that thinks he's better than you because he's slung plastic like some kind of pro or some ****. that's why people get driven away from airsoft. They get tired of man babies throwing fits. But, there are a lot of fun people too, so hang out with them and **** it, just have fun.

edit: wow I have some kind of a foul mouth when I talk casually...i should probably work on that.

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