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The Wells R9 has returned!

so, some of you may have happened to be the young child who cried due to the fact that you couldn't find a decent, cheap, AEG that looked cool, and was forced to speed 200+ dollars on a maxed out platform that was already at the "maximum upgrade". Well, there was a P90 made by a company so behind in the times, that they stilldon't have a website.
and that company was wells, AKA wellfire.
(no, I didn't make that up)
now, this gun was called the R9. please don't confuse it with the wells D90, which is a poorly made piece of crap that is physically impossible to upgrade, and has no compatible clips that I know of.
now, for those n00bs that are forced to buy a $75 crossman springer, listen to me. your gun will most likely:
A. fail to have a range of five feet
B. break in six weeks
C. embarrass you at a local CQB/outdoor airsoft feild
or D. annoy the heck out of you when your friends brag about their epic looking P90.
possibly all at once. for more info on my horrible experience with crosman spring rifles, PM me.
now, currently I know of only one place that sells this gun: airsoft megastore. however, feel free to do your own search, knowing that wells has renamed itself "wellfire" for good in some places, and that the R9 is now called the KS90. please don't ask me why, it just is.
all to help the n00bs,

according to tex, there is a KS90 made by a chinese off-brand. if the gun doesn't have "WELLS" or "WELLFIRE" somewhere in the title, it's probably not the gun you are looking for.
Final edit:
upon closer looking at the photo in the picture, I have noticed that the gun, branded as a KS90 is actually a re-branded D90. do not buy the gun, this was a false alarm on it's return.

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