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CA P90 Sport Line package

Laidies and Gentlemen,

I am selling my CA P90 Sport Line, midcap magazines and their pouches in an attempt to streamline my logistics at games.

Hammer not included

I will take $200 to ship the whole kit anywhere in the states. I will sell the gun without mags and pouches for $160. Mags will go at $12 a mag and come with their pouches. I will not part out the gun itself nor will I sell a mag without a pouch or vica versa. Payment will be via paypal or face to face cash transaction only.

I will trade for a G36 or G 36 stuff. I am not too concerned with brands. My primary is a G36C so my new backup should be a G36 as well to share mags. I probably wont part out on a trade but try me.Trades will take place face to face.

I acquired the gun through a raffle a numbef of years ago and it has served me and my team as a backup gun since. I estimate it has seen less than 2000 rounds through at maybe five games mostly filling in for broken guns late during said events.

The gun shoots very consistently in the mid 300's. I can't remember off the top of my head the exact number from the last time I chrono'd it, but I believe it was around 330. The rate of fire and trigger response are very respectable when it is run on a "dying" 8.4v stock battery. I have never had a single problem with feeding from any magazine I have used in it.

Externally there are no major blemishes or corrosion. The body does not creak or squeak. The battery cover is not a secure as I would like, but it does stay on fairly well. I taped it to be sure as I hate loosing stuff. If you buy the gun I would suggest you do the same.

The magazines hold between 65 and 150 rounds. The pouches are MOLLE compatable and are manufactured by Condor. I have 4 black pouched and 2 multicam pouches. If you have a preference in color and are not buying all them let me know. If I can I will try and get you your preferred color.

Sling Adapter:
The gun comes with a BLACKHAWK! single point sling adapter.

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