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Lutenit_chihuahua 08-07-2007 10:29 PM

Green gas Problem!
hey guys. I really need some help. I told my parents, when they asked what green gas was, I told them that it is propane with silicon Lubricant. Now they won't let me buy gas guns or gas because they say that it is too explosive and dangerous. Please help me with ways to convince them otherwise.

Spectre 08-08-2007 12:28 AM

This is a bit of a problem.

You could try mentioning to them that some gas guns also exept CO2 and HF134a gas. Some GBB manufactures sell after-product conversion valves so that instead of Green Gas, CO2 is used.

It cant be ignored that Green Gas is dangerous when not handled properly, Ive heard certain stories about some bursting open (NOT COMBUSTING) from heat increasing the pressure within the tank it self. And these tanks will not blow up in a fire ball unless there is something to cause a decent ignition source, not like a spark but a flame or extremely hot substance.

(PV=nRT is a Physics and Chemistry equation that states Pressure and Temperature are directly related to each other, in other words as temp rises, so does pressure.
P is pressure in atm, torr, pascal etc.
V is volume
n is the molar mass of the contained gas
R is a relative constant and I cant recall the exact numbers
T is the temperature.)

But besides the point. Its not as bad as it really seems. I mean, propane sits in a canister on your deck (for those of you with a gas grill) during the summer day and you dont see stories in the media about these things blowing up every day. And if you plan on playing on a hot day, you should have cooled water around you anyway, so use that as a way to cool your canisters. Thats what I do. And I have left some cans in the car (like today in 94 degree heat by accident...oops:D ) and they havent exploded.

You could look at buying electiric based sidearms as well. They have unique advantages, such as use in winter conditions and no wasted cash on the increasingly expensive gas.

But remember, your parents are the controlling factor in your airsoft career if you still live at home legally. So respect their opinions and their judgement, because it only has you at its best intentions. If you show them that you have done you homework, and know what you are talking about, you will eventually prove to them that you are capable of handeling something like this.


Reaper87 08-10-2007 03:08 PM

im trying to find the pictures of 2,800 dollars in damage to a new ford f-150 done by 1 can of green gas. your parents are right it is dangerous, BUT... it was 112 degrees that day and it was in a locked truck in California on the dashboard. as long as you follow the rules on the can "Keep out of direct sunlight" and "Do not expose to temperatures over 90 degrees farenheight" you will be fine. really the can and gas can handle 120 degrees but not in direct light, under a magnifiyer like a windshield.

AirsoftDvl 08-10-2007 05:28 PM

If your worried that much... Just get an Eletric pistol. CYMA, TM.

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