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Kawaii 06-15-2011 11:06 AM

Selling DBoys AK, UTG Shotgun, WELL MP5K, And Lots Of Parts!

I have for sale a few items that I doubt anyone wants, but I'm going to try anyway.

1. WE HiCapa Outer Barrel
This is just for the outer barrel. Still includes the orange tip.
$10 OBO

2. DBoys AK Gearbox
Well used. Now shoots about 300 fps. Does not include Selector switch bits.
$30 OBO

3. Unknown AK Hop Up Chamber And Bucking
Again, I have no idea where this came from. Has all the parts, including the bucking and nub.
$5 OBO

4. V1 KWA M4 Gearbox
The old kind from years ago.
$60 OBO

5. CYMA AKS74U Gearbox
Well used. Has "Echo 1" on the right side. Does not include selector switch bits.
$30 OBO

6. KWA M4 Body
Will only work with two piece hop up unless modified. Has been repainted.
$40 OBO

7. AK Pistol Grip
Originally made by CYMA.
$10 OBO

8. CM 040D Front Set
To make your CYMA or TM AK into an AK102, 104, or 105.
$40 OBO

9. AK Dust Cover
Originally made by CYMA. Has "Lilly" etched into the left side.
$10 OBO

10. AK Folding Stock
Originally made by CYMA. Has "23" painted on the right side, although most has scratched off. You can easily remove it with nail polish as it is acrylic paint. Includes stock pin.
$20 OBO

11. DBoys AKS74
The internals have been replaced by the internals of a CYMA CM040D. It has quite a few external malfunctions, including:
Broken stock latch. Included is the original skeletal stock.
I removed the sight mount, it is included and can still be attached without a problem.
Missing the upper handguard retainer. It is electrical taped together.
The flash hider fell off. If you want one, any AK flash hider will work.
Due to the new gearbox, a CYMA selector lever must be installed, and as such, it is there.
The bolt lever broke off. The bot still functions.
It has been repainted.
Has "Slavic Thunder" etched into the left side.

A magazine is included.
$50 OBO. You also get a hug because I don't expect anyone to buy this off me.


Upper receiver is painted green. Functions fine, but the mags are very leaky. Three mags included, two short and one long.
$40 OBO


13. UTG M3L
The stock has broken off. It was also once pained gold (i dunno) but has been repainted, and where it has been worn off, gold paint can be seen. Includes four shells.
$30 OBO


14. JG 3-9x40 Scope
Cheap JG scope. Missing dial caps. Does not include rings.
$10 OBO


I will meet up only at Valley Creek, Red Dragon, or Hell's Basin. I will accept trades.

Gumball 06-15-2011 07:29 PM

shame that you dont ship or do paypal, i would take that cm040d front end in an instant.

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