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solution_zero 05-31-2012 06:09 PM

Systema PTW 2008 Super Max $700 shipped
Systema PTW 2008 SuperMax. I bought this as a project, and now have other interests.

It is in VG shape internally, with both intentional and negligent damage to the exterior. I am the 3rd owner, the 1st owner did all the “body weathering.” The 2nd owner sent it to Airsoft Arms last year, and had an Airsoft Surgeon ECU (Ver 2) installed after the Systema unit died. The gun was thoroughly inspected, and besides the “Why did you drag it down a driveway” question everything was great. The gun functions very well, just looks bad on the exterior. When I got it earlier this year I completely disassembled the gun, removed all the surface rust, lubed the exposed metal with Slip2000, and properly reassembled it. I have built over two dozen real ARs, so I had all the correct tools on hand, and know what I’m doing. All the wiring is intact, and the gun shoots great. I never handled any electronics with my bare hands, nor did they come near any oil. It is wired for Deans connectors, and I milled a .25”x.625” slot in the right rear of the buffer tube, so you can run an external battery if you’d like. It came with a railed clamp-on gas block, I replaced it with an original Systema FSB in excellent condition.

To clearly cover any issues, I will describe them thoroughly. The body is obviously beat up. The 1st owner snapped off the right trigger guard tab, you will need a trigger guard you can install with screws like the Magpul one. There are no handguards or gas tube included, you will need some. The cylinder has a few small dings in it, does not seem to affect function or airseal at all. You will need a battery, wired for deans. I sprayed down the buffer tube and castle nut with engine enamel, it didn’t hold very well to the threads or castle nut. There is still a little surface rust on the ports of the FH, keep it oiled. The pistol grip has a pretty big scuff mark over the texture on the right side.

The rifle includes:
-(3) Brand new in the box MAG brand VN/20rd mags. Capacity of 90 bbs each.
- Silver Cylinder, spring was replaced with a M110. Shoots ~390 FPS w/ .20’s.
- Cut carry handle BUIS. Not real, it’s an Airsoft copy.
- Rediculous “Meat Tenderizer” FH.
- Real Magpul MOE stock, Commercial Spec. Has “44” written on the top in white paint marker.
- Real Magpul ASAP sling plate.

You will need:
- Battery wired for deans.
- CAR/M4 Handguards.
- CAR Gas Tube.
- Trigger guard that installs with screws (Broken ear tab).

I’m selling this for what I have in it. I thoroughly described any and all problems I have discovered, and am selling this AS IS. I am a long-standing member of the Indiana airsoft scene, and have traveled to Ohio for airsoft since Blind Fury 1, so deal with confidence. If you have any questions, send me an email: .

The price is $700 shipped for everything. I will only accept a USPS Money Order, NO PAYPAL.
I am interested in trades for:
- Real AR/AK/M1 Carbine parts, ammo, or complete firearms.
- Russian chest rigs and camo (around 52-4)
- Airsoft AK mags, Standards or Midcaps.


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