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Airsoft Ohio Forums Rules
1. Treat others as you would like to be treated - If you don't have anything constructive to say about a question someone asks, then stay out of it.

2. No "Yes Man" posting is allowed - If it has already been said, then it doesn't need said again, the exception to this rule being one concerning with votes or polls.

3. Search before posting - A LOT of stuff has been covered previously in these forums(or elsewhere), and most of that more than once. Please at least attempt to search before posting a question. People here have no beef with helping you, but if you ask repetitive questions and ignore this rule, chances are you will start being ignored, or simply treated hostily.

4. Please at least attempt to use correct spelling in your posts - There is a spell checker supplied at the the bottom of a "new post" screen that is directly next to "Preview Post button". A picture of those can be located below. *The following people are exempt from this rule (IF they can prove it): Foreign nationals or citizens, anyone whose primary language isn't english, or anyone with a condition that doesn't afford them the ability to spell correctly.

5. From now on, only airsofters in Ohio (or a bordering state) that have shown up to AO games are permitted to vote on AO field rules. Forum rules can be voted on by any longstanding member of the community, or any person that has made major contributions to the forum in the past.

6. No more "is this gun good" threads - If you have to ask, it probably sucks. There are at least 3-4 dozen of these threads scattered around the boards, look for them.

7. No opinion request posts - This goes hand-in-hand with rule 6. These types of posts are notnconstructive, solve nothing, and are quite frankly annoying to those who are tired of answering the same questions 20,000 times.

8. Stay on-topic and BE PATIENT - We aren't on the boards 24 hours a day, and we won't necessarily be able to anwer your question immediately upon you asking it. Bottom line is: if you don't have the time and patience to await an answer, don't post the question.

9. Signature Lines - Due to the excessive amount of banners/userbars/quotes in signature lines we have now reinstituted an old policy, along with a new twist. You may have: A. A large banner with dimensions no greater than 470x70 pixels. -or- B. A total of no more than 4 (four) userbars, regardless of the size. However, these userbars cannot exceed 470x70 pixels. -or- C. No more than 2 (two) quotes in your signature. -or- D. No more than 1 (one) quote, and 2 (two) userbars.

10. Political Discussion - This is now forbidden. Every time a political thread is posted, it turns into a giant flame war, and I quite frankly am tired of looking at it. This world is filled with ignorance, we don't need to bring it here.

11. Multiple Accounts - Due to widespread abuse by people doing this, this is now forbidden.

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