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  1. Old Spice
    07-03-2011 01:46 PM
    Old Spice
    The Ruins Raiders are having an Open Play Saturday (July 9th). It's a half day/half night game starting at 5:30 p.m. It's listed on the forums. Come on out if you can...
  2. Wrongaddress
    06-21-2011 11:31 PM
    Yea i meant that i might be going if not well then post when your ding another i eally want to come and have you heard of a site called airsoft GI that is a good place for exspensive guns though.
  3. Wrongaddress
    06-21-2011 08:03 AM
    hey black Se7en are going to tactical force's game on 10-22-11 ?
  4. NightShade
    06-10-2011 08:52 PM
    Could you bring an extra Waiver my computer is down
  5. ghosteater4
    05-15-2011 12:12 PM
    Sounds good man, yeah we had a kid who was trying to join our team so I was busy trying to pay as much attention on how he did on playing and fitting in with the team so I was trying to deal with that and just commanding my team, plus checking out that massive field so my brain was all over the place. But it was a good time playing against ya. I'm positive you'll see more of us. You had the svd sniper rifle right. If so you came really close to tagging me in the front building. Tell your brother thanks for serving and keep us protected on the real front lines
  6. ghosteater4
    05-10-2011 07:59 PM
    Hey just wanted to let you know team tyrant might have 4 players coming, plus I was wondering if we were all meeting at bw3's or the field and what time 9 or 10, sorry just need to know because one of my team mates get off of work @ 10 and works right down the road from bw3 and I need to know whether just to meet us at the field or bw3's thanks
  7. BrandonFritz
    05-05-2011 05:20 PM
    Im interested in joining the S.A.S PM for a response. Please and Thank you.

  8. Fallen Warrior Airsoft
    03-23-2011 11:34 PM
    Fallen Warrior Airsoft
    Thanks for the info. My friend and I just started playing and really enjoy airsoft. I have around 400 acres broken up into farms and what not in the Chillicothe area. I would like to get a group together and start playing and hitting milsim events.
  9. Old Spice
    01-30-2011 01:12 PM
    Old Spice

    The Ruins Raiders are having our next Open Play on Feb 12th. Also, we are hosting an event on March 12th, "Operation Hope: Combat with a Cause", to raise money to help a fellow airsofter, Tyler Stanfield of Black Eagles Delta, who is battling cancer. All profits will be going to Tyler and his family. We hope you can make it to both events, but we really hope to see you on March 12th. Pass this along to anyone who might be willing to come participate in "Operation Hope: Combat with a Cause". Check the forums for details. Thanks
  10. Rygar
    01-28-2011 03:06 PM
    Dude, went to the military surplus store by the park here in town (they have some good stuff it seems) and picked up a canvas pouch for the P90 mags. It holds 5 tightly, but I think 4 would be the best so I can get them out easy. Got it for $10 !! the mags fit perfectly! I'm sure you saw, I also traded the spare glock for another P90 (Echo1) with three mags and a butt extender, and got two other mags from another person. I now have a hi-cap, Fixed my mid-cap today, and will have 6 low cap mags. I don't think i'm going to have any more ammo problems on the field!

    and, I signed up for the MAM game in March. working on making a sling for the P90 now. Been a productive day. Oh..BTW, the military has stopped selling if there is stuff you want to get, I would get it NOW. before the price goes through the roof and things run out!! The fake grenades are ****ing $20 now!!!

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    mountain biking, airsoft, and x-box live.
    Ohio state prison system
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    First come's smile's. Then lie's. The last is gunfire. Stephen King's the Gunslinger.


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