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Team Name Members Discussions Messages Pictures Reverse Sort Order Last Post I.M.P.A.C.T is based out of southern IN (Bloomington Area) and is a MilSim enthusiast group. As a team we always try to promote the Airsoft Community with honor & good sportsmanship. I.M.P.A.C.T. was founded in the early summer (May) of 1998 by 4 close friends who discovered a few spring hand guns. Back in those days in Indiana Airsoft was not well known or popular. The team has since transformed from a few guys with springers to a well organized team / "family" of men with sniper rifles, AEG's & GBB's. We are the oldest active playing airsoft team in Indiana. The IN Airsoft community has grown significantly since we started in 1998, & we would like to think that IMPACT had a large role in that increase of popularity. We regularly play on the weekends at one of our several fields & also travel all over IN to other team's games & events as well as out of state. IMPACT has had over a decade of Airsoft destruction!
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We are a growing team right now 30 players are on E.V.I.L and we are growing. We are spread out from Ohio Kentucky Tenessie and Indeana. Age dosent bather use as long as play by the rules and play hard and fare. NO CHEATING. If you ever play with an E.V.I.L member that has cheated or treted you unfare let me know and they will be takin care of.
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People that love our KWA guns. Just join if you own or have owned a KWA replica.
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05:38 PM
We are a casual group of airsofters based out of NKY. We currently have 5 official members, and have yet to go to our 1st team game.
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08:25 PM
A group of friends in Kentucky ready to play at any time. Setting up a variety of skill sets so we won't fail. We only allow friends in so don't ask
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02:12 PM
Team that works as one. Based out of Maysville Ky. We enjoy and respect the game of airsoft. Always open to having new prospects. Facebook page:
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AOK is a QRF ( Quick Response Force ) Or PJ's. We complete our missions with extreme prejudice. If you have a mission call AOK it's as good as done. We train and work in the field of special operations! We have two units Alpha ( North Western Indiana ) and Bravo (East Central Indiana).
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We are a airsoft team based out of Alexandria, Kentucky with a variety of skill sets and experience. We are all very close friends and will not except anyone on the team unless we meet you at an Airsoft Ohio event first.
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just a bunch of guys having fun doing what we love
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If you have a VFC m4, m16, scar, 416, Ect. You need to join this group, because we love our VFC!!
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