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Arm Bands + Bdu colors = easy identification

Posted 09-04-2012 at 01:38 PM by Rellim
Updated 09-22-2012 at 02:13 AM by Rellim
Alright, So I did some digging on the forums and found some threads discussing BDU colors and their respective teams. I understand that a standard has been set in the community (pretty good one) but I still know that there is a lot of confusion and lack of communication on the field. With the addition of ATACS-FG, it is getting increasingly difficult to pick out other "friendly" teammates from hostiles.
I know my squad is usually active away from the main fighting force or behind enemy lines. It is sometimes very difficult in certain situations like this to differentiate between Green or Tan.
So, I have a proposition. Why don't we use arm bands as well as bdu colors? Take the already existing rules regarding battle wear color and add armbands. For instance: Green wears a blue armband and tan wears a yellow.

It would prove to be one more thing that would help in enemy identification. Spotters could look for armband colors as well as BDU colors.

It's just an idea. Nobody likes to be friendly'd.
I saw a lot of friendly fire in the woods during BF9, so it got me thinking.

That's all
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  1. Old
    Mothman's Avatar
    down here in WV we do this. Have been for years. We never split it up by uniform color. Sometimes we do east vs west, with armbands, but never green vs tan. We stopped playing with plastic army men years ago.
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 11:52 AM by Mothman Mothman is offline
  2. Old
    IRONMAN's Avatar
    Such a simple solution that is too simple to be put into use...
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 01:41 PM by IRONMAN IRONMAN is offline
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    colossus's Avatar
    I have an even better idea, everyone listens at the morning brief to see what side has what color pattern on it. I know, crazy right?

    Seriously though, adding arm bands just over complicates something as simple as " Ok guys, looks like Green needs to be evened out... Uh all ACU are on Green team today" Now you know that all ACU are, in fact, Green team members.

    There has been a serious lack of listening skills in morning briefings by the players, even after constant "listen up guys" from the EO's. Just listen and know what patterns are o your own team. Shoot everything else.
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 05:33 PM by colossus colossus is offline
  4. Old
    Duo Chan's Avatar
    IFF skills are part of playing airsoft. Do you think our enemies in Afghanistan wear a pretty arm band, so our boys know who they are? I didn't see Osama carry a flag, so we could identify him.

    Airsoft has been played in Ohio for many, many years, and uniform color did not become a problem until people started being too lazy to properly identify their own targets.

    It's sad, all the new players anymore want to make themselves out to be a super SEAL team leader, but they can't even remember such a basic skill.
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 06:04 PM by Duo Chan Duo Chan is offline
  5. Old
    NegSpace's Avatar
    IFF skills are part of playing airsoft.
    Totally agree. Developing this skill is part of the fun.

    If people really, REALLY wanted easy ways to distinguish friend from foe, we wouldn't bother with using camo and may as well just use wild-colored paintball outfits.
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 07:02 PM by NegSpace NegSpace is offline
  6. Old
    bnagley's Avatar
    Most fields used to use armbands WAY back in the day. I remember my first game at red dragon we wore red and blue duct tape. This is no new idea. Learn from history so you don't repeat it.

    To make it real easy we can all just stand in a line across from each other too.
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 08:44 PM by bnagley bnagley is offline
    Updated 09-19-2012 at 08:46 PM by bnagley
  7. Old
    Fox's Avatar

    We like the the way we play it now. Even if it's plastic army men.

    No one is making you play in our community, or post in our community. We've been doing this for a long time and we like the way we do it.
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 08:47 PM by Fox Fox is offline
  8. Old
    Rellim's Avatar
    Well honestly I don't get the "it's always worked so why change?" argument. Obviously I have noticed a problem during games and so I figured I would make a suggestion. Usually friendly fire doesn't piss me off, but I know it pisses off others and so, I figured I would present an idea (whether it's old or not). Camo patterns are more similar than ever and tan vs green is more hazy than ever. I'm good with whatever, just don't scream at friendlies when they accidentally shoot you, for that royally pisses me off.
    Also, this is airsoft, not real life. If we took the amount of time to distinguish targets as the military does, many people would be pissed because of the lack of trigger time.
    That's all gentlemen
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 10:07 PM by Rellim Rellim is offline
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    IRONMAN's Avatar
    WHOA GUYS! THIS JUST IN!! Airsoft is NOT like the real military. I repeat, airsoft is NOT like the real military. This should have some astounding effects our on mentality with this hobby.

    Seriously, wow....

    There has been a serious lack of listening skills in morning briefings by the players, even after constant "listen up guys" from the EO's. Just listen and know what patterns are o your own team. Shoot everything else.
    The problem isn't about which patterns on on green or tan. The problem is trying to identify them. For example, from a far distance (50 feet or greater) ATACS FG looks almost exactly the same as multicam. No question about it. They both end up having the same tone at that range. And another, how is XCAM considered "green" when it is nothing more than a pixalated version of Multicam's color palette? In the heat of a plastic firefight when you have no more than a few seconds to respond, it's hard to try to quickly distinguish between Multicam, ATACS, ATACS FG and yada yada yada.

    Do you think our enemies in Afghanistan wear a pretty arm band, so our boys know who they are?
    No, but I don't think they are dressed in the same exact tactical gear head to toe with the only piece of gear distinguishing them from our boys is their BDU color (example: ATACS FG vs. Multicam/OCP). Nice try with that one though...

    Most fields used to use armbands WAY back in the day. I remember my first game at red dragon we wore red and blue duct tape. This is no new idea. Learn from history so you don't repeat it.
    I was at an AO advertised event this Sunday that used armbands and had no problems with it. Each team was mixed with tans, greens and civies and we had no cases of friendly fire. And noone said it's a new idea, just one that seems to work.

    No one is making you play in our community, or post in our community. We've been doing this for a long time and we like the way we do it.
    So nobody is allowed to voice their opinions on how to fix the flaws of the hobby? And who is WE exactly? The 08th? The big Ohio teams? You and the mouse in your pocket? Some people don't hold the same opinions as yours. I hate to break it to you but most other airsofters around the world don't go by the green vs. tan breakup. For MILSIM purposes it's unrealistic and it's generally not needed in what we do (And that is calling off work on a Saturday to dress up like SEALwannabes and drive to Middleoffrickennowhere, Ohio to shoot plastic spheres at each other for a few hours).

    We shoot toy guns at each other. Period. This isn't nor ever will be anywhere close to the real deal so there's no point in trying to to pretend that it is by following every single procedure. If you want to make airsoft uber realistic the next time you encounter an unidentified target contact your squad leader, who in turn can contact the CO. The CO can then contact the EO about the unidentified target. The EO can then make a decision on whether to engage or not. Now, that information will go from the EO, to the CO, to your Squad leader and then back to you. See how complicated and "realistic" it is? Fun, isn't it?

    Cut Rellim some slack. At least he is trying to offer solutions to FIX the problems that airsoft in Ohio faces. Offer alternatives or just politely disagree instead of saying "no it doesn't, **** you!!!" (the hidden language behind some of your statements..). Jesus...
    Posted 09-19-2012 at 10:31 PM by IRONMAN IRONMAN is offline
    Updated 09-19-2012 at 11:46 PM by IRONMAN
  10. Old
    Duo Chan's Avatar
    Originally Posted by IRONMAN
    flaws of the hobby
    There are flaws with the team division system, because you choose to see them there.

    I see flaws in people no longer being mindful of where they, their team, and their enemy is at. This is growing into a larger problem as more open play oriented players funnel into larger events, and as event player caps continue to grow.

    When we hosted Savage Seas, our player cap was, if I recall correctly, 150. It was green vs tan. It worked out splendidly. Last month, there were 500 people at Blind Fury, it was green vs tan, and no one had any idea who was shooting the daylights out of who.

    You think the team division system is broken.
    I think players are getting lazy, and events too large.

    Think anyone cares what either of us think? You think wrong. Event hosts know their options, and each one will choose as they see fit. You're free to host an event with arm bands. I'm free to sit on my porch and yell at kids to get off my lawn.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 02:02 AM by Duo Chan Duo Chan is offline
  11. Old
    Texx's Avatar
    If you choose a pattern you know will cause problems then you are to blame for those problems. You had a choice and you chose poorly.

    Does having leet camo make you any different of a player on the field? No. But if you have to resort to douchey subterfuge to survive ont he field, you don't get to ***** when someone mistakes you for the enemy and empties their mag. I think that would likely resolve friendly fire issues. If you can't identify them - shoot them until you can. Then shoot them some more. Accidents happen and it began with your choice of clothing.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 06:49 AM by Texx Texx is offline
  12. Old
    Flenner's Avatar
    Ask my friends: "If Flenner was wearing ACU, would you be able to find him?"

    The simple answer: No.

    The real answer: Flenner knows how to use his surroundings correctly, therefore being able to hide in horrible camouflage.

    IFF Skills are still part of airsoft, regardless, guys. If you want to blend in, get better at it.

    Why don't organizers just turn away that/those camouflages? Money? Because we want players? I don't know, but I do know this...

    If Airsoft isn't real Army, then shoot first, ask questions later!!! At least you got some trigger time, complainer. If all else fails, just walk back to spawn..take a deep breath, and realize that we are STILL grown men acting and portraying (or even being of course) servicemen and women around the world.

    Simply put: Don't be a sh*t magnet.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 09:23 AM by Flenner Flenner is offline
  13. Old
    Nytemayr's Avatar
    I went to a Team SWORD open play at Red Dragon recently and saw a guy with ATACS bdus, tan rig, and a tan helmet. If all I can see is their head and its the opposite color i'm firing! If its a friendly i'll just medic them back in and tell them i couldn't IFF.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 10:04 AM by Nytemayr Nytemayr is offline
  14. Old
    Rellim's Avatar
    I agree with what you guys are saying. I just have been seeing a lot of friendly fire and people getting pissed because of it. Just let it go. It's airsoft. who cares if you get friendly fired. Just laugh it off.

    I was honestly just try to brainstorm an idea to fix a grow problem (as you have said)

    Honestly, my thoughts were why not add the arm band. I agree that events are getting bigger and many many new people are flooding in, so why not try to cut down on the friendly fire? Obviously just telling people to play smart and discern their targets is not working. I am just stating an idea that could cut down on "lazy" play because nothing else seems to be helping at this point
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 12:15 PM by Rellim Rellim is offline
    Updated 09-20-2012 at 12:23 PM by Rellim
  15. Old
    Flenner's Avatar
    I agree, for the most part. Airsoft has started to get into "lazy" play. You're absolutely right. I've seen larger and fatter players at events. They're normally the ones complaining about hit calling (when they don't call because they don't want to waddle back to spawn.)

    Why don't we just have fun? Simple..
    We're super therial about being too leet.

    Shoot, man, we all get hit. Just take it or laugh about it and shoot your buddies back and hope FF don't count!
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 01:33 PM by Flenner Flenner is offline
  16. Old
    IRONMAN's Avatar
    I've seen larger and fatter players at events. They're normally the ones complaining about hit calling (when they don't call because they don't want to waddle back to spawn.)
    I have a couple of stories that can validify this statement...

    As the hobby grows and the events get bigger we shouldn't be so hostile towards new ways (BDU color + arm band) that can help out everyone in the end. That's how I see it, nothing more.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 01:40 PM by IRONMAN IRONMAN is offline
  17. Old
    Koala's Avatar
    Why are armbands so "difficult", it requires very little effort to attach one on your arm. That's hard I guess. I really do not see disadvantages to this, it will cut down friendly fire especially for newcomers to MILSIM. I would rather have an arm band than get sprayed down by a friendly, there's always someone who doesn't take the time to identify their target, so why not simplify it? You say take the time to identify your target, for most that goes in one ear and out the other.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 05:56 PM by Koala Koala is offline
  18. Old
    That's fine for open plays, sure. There have been times when numbers have been completely lopsided, and armbands would be nice.

    For a MilSim game though? No. Absolutely not. Especially for a big game like Blind Fury. We shouldn't have to lower the standards of our games because people can't distinguish and remember which camo is which. Also, there used to be a pretty standard rule that your head gear had to match your BDU color. If I see someone with a green lid and nothing else, I'm taking the shot. It's his fault for wearing the wrong color cover.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 08:37 PM by Kung Fu Moses 2 Kung Fu Moses 2 is offline
  19. Old
    Rellim's Avatar
    How is adding an arm band lowering the standards? I'm confused on that point I guess.
    I just see it as a way to help people differentiate between targets and friendlies.

    Honestly though, how is wearing an armband taking away from milsim?
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 11:50 PM by Rellim Rellim is offline
  20. Old
    Dora's Avatar
    I have a question. If we're discussing people having problems determining whether a mansized target is friendly or not at 50m, why are we going to try to solve this by making the identifier smaller? Remember, armbands are not magical devices that will cause your teammate's callsigns to appear above their heads, easily showing their team and exact location in your field of view. I've been to plenty of games where armbands were used. Guess what? Friendly fire. That's just what happens when you have a bunch of untrained guys shooting at whatever moves.

    If there are games where you've got guys wearing newfangled camo that just doesn't quite fit in as easily as woodland and 3-color desert and it's screwing up the game, then that's entirely the fault of the event organizers. AO as a community can say that Multicam is tan, but if I run an event and say it's's green. AO is not a top-down organization that will stamp its seal of approval on games that follow certain customs. It's just a community. Event organizers must determine themselves what camo will easily distinguish teams and still be accommodating to players without screwing up gameplay. That being said, if you want to host a game that uses armbands as a primary identifier, knock yourself out. The longtime organizers will likely continue to use camo for team division because it's what they're used to doing, and by and large, it works.
    Posted 09-21-2012 at 12:50 AM by Dora Dora is offline

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