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My Return to the sport

Posted 09-07-2010 at 06:45 AM by Rhyno
It's been almost a year since I last played a game of AS and a lot has happened. So, in the spirit of getting back into the game i'm going to do have do a little online therapy. I don't really expect anyone to read this crap, it's more therapeutic for me than anything.

My last game took place around sept of last year. Right around the time I started experiencing some major back pains. Come to find out it was caused by a ruptured disk in my back. I wasn't about to give up the sport so quickly though, but fate wasn't going to let me back in so easily. In october I had to go to california for a week long business trip. My return revealed some MAJOR marital problems. With my marriage nearly over, things worsened when my wife's mother died of cancer shortly thereafter. Airsoft didn't just take a backseat, it was tied up, duct taped and thrown in the trunk for a while. Christmas was a test of sheer patience. My wife experienced a mental breakdown of the likes which nearly made me commit her and things weren't improving on the marriage front either.

In order to try and improve my own health, i underwent surgery in January. Besides a mechanical injury, my weight had a lot to do with my back issues. At nearly 425 pounds i was the heaviest i had ever been in my life. After the surgery i was able to focus on my family a little more, and between marriage counseling and my wife going through therapy, home life stabilized. Life and the fates weren't done with me yet though... once things on the homefront got stable, worklife decided to throw me a curveball and i became the weekend manager, AS wasn't ready to come out of the trunk just yet apparently.

Since january i have lost almost 100 pounds, now my back only gives me issues on cold, rainy days. So i started looking more serious into using some vacation time to attend some AS events this summer. So, i bought my ticket to the convention and requested the time off. Apparently this caused a stir among those that would have to cover for me. So the gears started working to find a way of relieving me of my duties. The motion picked up speed when i pointed out that i worked every single holiday for the entire year and that i would not be working on thanksgiving or christmas. This apparently stir the hornets nest as they expected me to also work those holidays while they got every holiday off this year. My response was simple, either i get them off, or i file grievance with HR. 1 week later i was let go.

Honestly, i'm not sad to see that job go. i hated the pressure i was under, hated that i was hired on to work 8-5 but because of nepotism i was moved to weekends, hated the fact that i was given a role, but had to do 3 other people's jobs so they could screw around playing games one their iphones and playing WoW on company equipment. I hated that when i brought it up, instead of something being done about it, i was laughed at or scoffed at. All in all that job made me miserable.

Things are really looking up for me and my family now. In the last month, i was fired from a job i hated anyway, got a new job im scheduled to start a week from this posting. My wife has a newer, higher paid job that she likes. Our marriage is back on top (where my wife likes it), my wife is over her depression, and im starting to feel good about myself image once again (even though i still have easily 100 pounds to still loose before im happy).

On top of Airsoft, i've taken up wilderness survival as a hobby and plan on checking out Dave Canterburry's (cohost of Dual Survival) survival school in Portsmouth Ohio next spring. All in all, life is looking a little brighter now... I'm hoping all goes well with the White Dragon event, and the new job pans out good enough i can have a more reliable schedule.

So AO, i'm back, and im ready for action...
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  1. Old
    Scorpion's Avatar
    As far as I'm concerned you could have had none of the above happen to you at all. You were nothing but smiles and motivated at AirsoftCON. I'm happy you're happy and I look forward to playing with you more!
    Posted 09-16-2010 at 10:00 PM by Scorpion Scorpion is offline
  2. Old
    Desert-Fox's Avatar
    Congratulations on getting things back on track man. I'm happy for you.
    I hope we can play together one of these days!
    Posted 09-17-2010 at 08:37 PM by Desert-Fox Desert-Fox is offline
  3. Old
    ILikeOddCamoColors's Avatar
    Congrats dude, goin through hell and back!!
    Posted 09-18-2010 at 09:52 PM by ILikeOddCamoColors ILikeOddCamoColors is offline
  4. Old
    Scorch's Avatar
    Welcome back
    Posted 09-20-2010 at 09:00 PM by Scorch Scorch is offline

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