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The truth about the Covenant (Nightfall)

Posted 06-13-2011 at 10:40 AM by CaineHazen
Dr. Hazen is in fact a former professor of Anthropology who was working at WSU when the Fall happened. He was a young, first year professor with specializations in folklore and archaeology. His local excavations lead to his work with the Medical department on campus. It also allowed him access to the rare books collection, including a number of esoteric manuals like the Cultes des Goules.

When the Fall came, Dr. Hazen took to the campus of WSU with many of the other personnel there. The Medical school had been used as a developmental and science center for years, and their researchers began immediate efforts to find a cure. As time went on and the dead count mounted, the university became a refuge. As roaming bands of looters and savages became more common, the survivors began to take to the tunnels under the university for cover. The remaining medical scientists took their equipment to the underground labs there and began their work again. During this time, Dr. Hazen also found where the sealed tunnels that lead to WPAFB.

Using his connections and time on the campus he began to put a system of defensive barriers in place. He also began to delve deeper into the books he recovered from the libraries. In talking with the research medics he also found that in 2011 they had received equipment to test one of the Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy cures. Included with this is a blood test for Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. Dr Hazen began to hatch a survival plan from these factors.

As the weeks and months rolled by the raids began to take their toll on the university’s food supply. However, with the recovered technology and weapons from WPAFB the community could be kept safe. But because the raiders had repeatedly diminished the greenhouse on campus, and the underground hydroponics experiments were not providing for the whole community, another source of food needed to be found. Dr. Hazen used this opportunity to present his closest associates with an idea.

Born of ideas within the Cultes des Goules, and fueled by the technology to detect the prion that caused problems with cannibalism, a pact was born. The raids began to supply the tribe with meat, and soon they were using their medical treatments and remaining garden to start drawing in more raiders to feed the tribe. The sudden appearance of some sort of Government forces in the area of WPAFB caused a problem with the Pact’s plans. Dr. Hazen resealed the tunnels to WPAFB and began to prep the Pact for movement. They took the Covenant of Darkness name and pulled out of WSU with the technology to keep up with the cannibalism gig. The Pact currently poses as medical technicians while using the “blood tests” they perform to track useful prey. Those who show signs of having any prions which might lead to CJD are tracked and left alone, others are marked for a later date as possible consumption.

Although the Pact members have been careful about their habits they are again short of food. Hearing of a new “slaver queen” they have moved their camp near the Roseville compound to see if they can’t restock and ready for the future. Dr. Hazen also wishes to feel out the Combine’s actual position and strength to see if things might be safe to move back towards Dayton and reestablish their old stomping grounds.
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    Reaper's Avatar
    Haha, I'm going to WSU next year. Makes me think differently about those tunnels!
    Posted 06-16-2011 at 08:29 PM by Reaper Reaper is offline
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    god we were epic that day
    Posted 06-21-2011 at 11:05 PM by RNA RNA is offline

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