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Time to nut up or shut up!

Posted 12-04-2010 at 03:07 PM by Coalminer
Okay men (and women), I have noticed a rapidly decreasing amount of people willing to just nut up. What I mean by this is people willing to take a chance and actually MOVE on an enemy instead of trying to shoot at each other from 300ft away. Or when a CO says "Okay boys, we need to move on this position and don't stop". It's amazing to me how many people I witness giving the CO an incredulous look like he just asked them to chop off their own...Well, you know. And yet after that initial shock, they all nod like it's the natural choice. And yet when the team makes the charge, you look back from your position up front and see half your team watching you run across that field all by your lonesome. Guys, they are 6mm plastic BB's. I promise you they aren't going to kill you. As a matter of fact, for most people playing, they have enough gear on so 95% of the time you don't even feel the shot, you just hear it. But beyond all that, I have come to notice an even larger trend happening because of this other one. Which is medics taking up the front lines. Do you know why? It's cause medics have the guts. There is a reason these people are medics, they have the guts a lot of other players don't. As long as they're good medics, they're used to making those insane charges to heal a teammate who would have otherwise been doomed to a very boring 5 minute bleed-out. The fact that these guys are have the guts that everyone doesn't isn't my biggest issue though. My biggest issue is the coinciding problem this causes. If all the medics end up taking the front lines, who is there to heal them? And more yet, who is there to heal you once you are taken out? Look guys, from what I've witnessed most medics are good at what they do. I've seen medics make more daring moves than Evil Kenevil , and pull them off.

The point is, every time someone looses their nerve and don't make the push with their teammates, they leave another teammate out to dry, and generally the ones most likely to make a difference in the game.

So next time your team is about to make a push, don't shrink from it but embrace it as a chance for a good story, and i'll be sure to say hi to you if you join me on the front.
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  1. Old
    knightmare's Avatar
    I find that gratuitous amounts of yelling makes the noobs more fearful of you than the bbs. Then they'll start moving.
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 11:15 AM by knightmare knightmare is offline
  2. Old
    Son of Liberty's Avatar
    I agree 110% with both of you guys. You must also make them aware that this **** isn't Call of Duty.
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 11:16 AM by Son of Liberty Son of Liberty is offline
  3. Old
    xaint's Avatar
    I thought Airsoft was Call of Duty in real life?
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 01:18 PM by xaint xaint is offline
  4. Old
    Mav's Avatar
    Very well put my friend.
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 02:09 PM by Mav Mav is offline
  5. Old
    Spectre's Avatar
    Welcome to the frustrating world of us larger organized teams operating amongst droves of unrealized noobs. You exert more energy screaming and motioning for the lazy bums to move then they do just getting to their "campsite." Then they look at you like your nuts since you don't like sitting down and throwing two bags of BB's at the dirt in from of where the enemy might be.
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 03:20 PM by Spectre Spectre is offline
  6. Old
    Clark's Avatar
    That's because a lot of the community is teenagers, who in this case, don't have balls yet. 'Nuff said.
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 06:47 PM by Clark Clark is offline
  7. Old
    Kung Fu Moses's Avatar
    You were at AirsoftCon weren't you? Bahahaha.
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 07:55 PM by Kung Fu Moses Kung Fu Moses is offline
  8. Old
    Evil Head's Avatar
    I got yelled at at Blind Fury 6 for screaming at players to move up. How did I put it, "if you don't want to f****** fight then go to the f****** parking lot".
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 08:37 PM by Evil Head Evil Head is offline
  9. Old
    Panda's Avatar
    Airsoft noob heading outside chrono: "OMG WE ARE GONNA SHOOT PEPULZ"
    Airsoft noob heading onto field: "OMG TIME TO SHOOT PEPULZ UB3R 1337 COD STYUL"
    Airsoft noob on field: "OMG WTF I'M NOT MOVING THOSE PEPULZ ARE SHOOTING MEH!!!!!"
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 09:11 PM by Panda Panda is offline
  10. Old
    lumberjack's Avatar
    This couldn't possibly be more true
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 09:48 PM by lumberjack lumberjack is offline
  11. Old
    Zebra Cakes's Avatar
    Evil head, I think I was actually there for that. priceless lol and thanks coalminer for bringing up a valid point. Don't waste your money to come out and look pretty sitting in the back. Grow a pair and go get some! It's actually pretty fun once you get into it...
    Posted 12-06-2010 at 10:24 PM by Zebra Cakes Zebra Cakes is offline
  12. Old
    Odie's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more
    Posted 12-07-2010 at 02:08 PM by Odie Odie is offline
  13. Old
    Sunshine's Avatar
    Going on that medic thing...well put sir. At Blind Fury 7, I told the medic to just stay behind me and not take point. But when the airfield was assaulted at lunch, my medic wanted to run almost up to the deuce to revive so green players. Gutsy little guy.
    Posted 12-07-2010 at 03:18 PM by Sunshine Sunshine is offline
  14. Old
    Gerber's Avatar
    FF will make them move.
    Posted 12-07-2010 at 03:32 PM by Gerber Gerber is offline
  15. Old
    mac50's Avatar
    One day at BTT, we had an unusually large amount of noobs. We were holed up in our CQB builidng and couldn't get them to assault it for love or money. It was so bad, we had to put some of our guys on their team to show them what to do. More than one of our members threatened to shoot them himself if they didn't do what they were told.
    Another noob got shot up in the first game and sat the next 2 out casue he didn't want to get shot again.
    Geez people, if ya wanna play with the big boys in an organized game and not in the backyard with your buddies and their Walmart springers, expect to get hit.
    Posted 12-07-2010 at 07:48 PM by mac50 mac50 is offline
    Updated 12-07-2010 at 07:51 PM by mac50
  16. Old
    Coalminer's Avatar
    Thanks for all the comments ya'll. The group of people I play with locally has actually figured out that the best way to cure this is to give them nothing but a UTG tri-shot shotgun. It honestly works. It has already cured two people. One in particular is now one of the most aggressive players I know.
    Posted 12-07-2010 at 10:47 PM by Coalminer Coalminer is offline
  17. Old
    BIRDSTRIKE's Avatar
    When I play medic (which is most of the time now that our full time medic is out playing Navy in CA) I am always getting yelled at for being to far up front.

    At the Con our FT leader had to assign a teammate to "babysit" me to keep me from going places medics should not go.

    When I am not medic I have assaulted a 30+ gaggle of tan at Roseville all but by myself twice in a 15 minute period. It went something like this. Run around corner and shoot at the first guy I see, get lit up, wait to regen, rinse and repeat. I have never seen more confused or amused enemy players in my life.
    Posted 12-08-2010 at 01:54 PM by BIRDSTRIKE BIRDSTRIKE is offline
  18. Old
    Prime example lead by example....dont be led ...LEAD
    Posted 12-08-2010 at 03:16 PM by Ozzsclan Ozzsclan is offline
  19. Old
    Rellim's Avatar
    In my honest opinion I don't see how sitting in the back of the lines can be any fun anyways. I mean honestly the tactical movement and the ensuing adrenaline rush are what I live for on the field. I would be upset if I didn't get any front line action at an event.
    So, if you want to sit on your butts in the back of the field, you might as well stay home and play duck hunter on the Nintendo Wii (orange gun included).
    Posted 12-08-2010 at 11:06 PM by Rellim Rellim is offline
  20. Old
    Zink's Avatar
    Like i say all the time on the field and maybe alot of you have heard me is (Dont be scared and go get some)
    Posted 12-09-2010 at 03:03 AM by Zink Zink is offline

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