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Operation Jungle Axe.

Posted 01-29-2012 at 12:55 AM by Daxter
Updated 02-02-2012 at 03:34 PM by Daxter (Changing "How to Win")
Operation Jungle Axe

Operation Background: Private military contractors receive a contract from the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, to track down the culprits who attacked the city of Kasongo and managed to take many civilians. This is the 8th strike of the town in only 3 weeks. The President felt he needed to put a stop to this.

The PMCs manage to track down the man who led the attack. His name is Amadi Awolowo. He leads a band of ‘boy soldiers’ who have been kidnapped from their towns a long time ago. Many join him because he is very wealthy and influential. He also runs a huge drug ring and diamond ring in southern Dem. Rep. of Congo. His motives are just like any other, he wants to be in charge and is willing to kill, steal, and destroy for it.
Side 1- Tan- “Meteoric Tactical Solutions” (PMCs)

Contract: “Okay, we have a big contract here. We got a message from President Kabila that many attacks are taking place in the area surrounding the town of Kasongo. He is worried the people will lose faith in his leadership and eventually join forces to bring him down. He wants us to go in, get to the Warlord, Awolowo, and take him down. That is our primary objective. Our reward for killing Awolowo is £1,000,000 and £200,000 for any lieutenants or Generals we bring in."

Intel: Kasongo is a big town in Easter Dem. Rep. of Congo. It is surrounded by jungle and lies right on the Lualaba River. Awolowo’s stronghold, “Ngome ya Mud” (Swahili for Fortress of Mud), is located South of Kasongo right on the river. It is heavily guarded by the boy soldiers. Many are aged around 13-24 years old. It’s not very advanced. So most firefights will be guerrilla or open face-to-face fire. Don’t expect any sneaking around from them. They aren’t good tacticians from what we know. We also have word that some info might have slipped and they know about the contract. They will be ready for a fight.

“Meteoric Tactical Solutions” Weapons, Gear, and Uniform Regulations.

Weapons: There are 0 restrictions for weapons. All weapons are allowed as long as they follow general rules. You are a PMC, you have a lot of options.

Gear: There are 0 limits on gear. All gear (MOLLE, ALICE, Static, ect) is accepted.

Uniform/ BDU’s: PMCs will be wearing tan based BDUs. Solid tan/3C DCU are recommended but anything from Multicam to A-Tacs will be accepted AS LONG as it is recognized by Airsoft Ohio as tan.

Side 2- Green- Awolowo’s “Mashujaa wa Afrika” (Warriors of Africa)

The news: “Scouts are saying we might be facing some trouble from Kabila. Word is, he’s hired some mercs to come here and find out what’s going on. We need to strike before they have the chance to set foot on our soil! We are going to the halfway point between Kasongo and Ngome ya Mud. There we will have our warriors attack these invaders. We will make them scream, and beg for mercy. We will make them fear the sight of a Mashujaa! We will make them feel terror! Do not let them take control of what is rightfully ours!”

What we know: We know these lands well. We will use the jungle to hide ourselves. We think that if they attack anywhere, they will attack right at our heart. So we must be prepared to a head on collision with them.

“Mashujaa wa Afrika” Weapons, Gear, and Uniform Regulations.

Weapons: Weapons are unrestricted. But please try to use weapons that an African militia could get ahold of easily. Weapons like: AK variants, 1911 pistols, M14’s (old style), ect. We won’t turn you down if you show up with the most advanced weapon of all time, but please try to dress the part.

Gear: This is where some restrictions come in. African militias normally don’t use much gear. Usually, they just take whatever they find. Static vests, ALICE, simple chest rigs, ect. Gear that is very simple is what we want. If MOLLE and advanced gear is the only gear you have, bring it in moderation. Don’t go out there with a full plate carrier with every piece of tech you can find. You are an African Mashujaa. You aren’t very well geared.

Uniform/ BDU’s: We are green in this fight. But don’t show up with the newest green camo out there. Something that says, I’m tactical but also not very smart. Try to dress the part. Civilian clothes will be accepted. If you wear BDU’s, I HIGHLY recommend only wearing one of the pieces. Top or bottom. Only Generals, Lieutenants and Amadi Awolowo can wear full BDUs. Pictures will be put up later so you can see what you should look like.

Game in general: The PMCs will mostly be using normal tactics. Attack with precision, move up, claim objective. The Mashujaa will be using Guerrilla tactics. The lieutenants will be in most of the fight, Awolowo will be commanding from the base.

IN ORDER TO WIN THE GAME: (To be re-written)
Op. Jungle Axe Rules.

General rules: (Many taken from Airsoft Events for Blind Fury 8)

-Goggles: ANSI 87.3 rated or higher rating. No mesh or safety glasses.

-Death Rag: Bring the death rag. You will most likely be shot at some point.

-Ammo: No Hi-caps. Only Mid-cap, Reg-cap, and Low-cap magazines. (Unless you are support gunner.)

-Communication: No radio restrictions. Just bring what you normally bring. No channel scanning. Channel 1 is reserved for Refs and emergencies.

GBB needs to shoot below 350fps.
SMG needs to shoot below 400fps.
AEG(full auto capable) needs to shoot below 400fps.
AEG(semi only, full auto permanently disabled) needs to shoot below 450fps.
Support Weapon needs to shoot below 400fps.
Grenade Launcher needs to shoot below 350fps.
Sniper Rifles (Bolt Actions) needs to shoot below 600fps.
* Only players above 18 years old are allowed to handle weapons with FPS higher than 400fps.
* No full-auto in buildings. If you have a full-auto only gun, bring a sidearm.

-Hits: Just to avoid argument, all hits count. Even if they hit your gear. We don’t want fighting amongst the players.

-Capturing players: Only the following people can be capture on either side: Amadi Awolowo, MTS Commander, Mashujaa Generals, Mashujaa Lietenants, MTS Field Marshals, and MTS Platoon Seargents.

How to identify capturable people: Important players who can be captured will be identified by colored armbands. They are:

MTS Commander and Amadi Awolowo: Red Armband.
MTS Field Marshals and Mashujaa Generals: Blue Armband.
MTS Platoon Seargents and Mashujaa Lietenants: Yellow Armband.

How to capture: The person you wish to capture must be wounded first by a hit. Once they are down, you have to capture them before bleedout or revival. To capture, you must say “I am capturing you.” Once they are captured, they must be healed, and taken to a secure building before interrogation. In order to take them anywhere, you must be holding onto their arm. If you let go, they can run off. Once you have them secured, healed, and ready to go, they must forfeit all information they know.

How to escape capture: If you are hit, and a player tries to capture you, you have a few options: 1, You can kill yourself, but then you are sent back to respawn and must wait 8 Minutes instead of 5.
2, You can wait till they heal you, and try to make a run for it. But if you are hit, and they heal you again, you must be taken prisoner.
3, You can simply go along with them and cooperate.
4, Wait till they get into a firefight; if your capturer lets go of your arm, you’re a free man!
**You cannot take any gear or weapons from a player. Tell them mags out and come with me.

**Remember, you need ALL OFFICERS and LEADERS captured before you can kill the leader. Once this is done, you win.

-Vehicles: Will be discussed later.

-MED (Minimum Engagement Distance)

All guns below 400fps guns have 0ft engagement distance*.
401 - 450 FPS guns have 50ft engagement distance.
451 - 500 FPS guns have 75ft engagement distance.
501 - 600 FPS guns have 125ft engagement distance.
Rocket Launchers (nerf) have 50ft engagement distance (using Green/TOP/Propane gas).
Rocket Launchers (nerf) have 125ft engagement distance (using CO2 gas).
Use common sense. Ask for a parlay or Surrender at extreme close range. Do NOT aim for the head.

-Medic/Respawn: We will issue out ropes to all players. When you are hit you must follow this procedure:

1, Once hit, pull out death rag and place it atop your head.
2, Wait for a medic to heal you. If within a reasonable amount of time (No less than 3 minutes, no more than 5) no medic has healed you, you must get up and walk back to you respawn point and wait 5 minutes there.
3, If a medic DOES heal you, he/she will tie a knot in your rope and you are good to go.
**Once you get 3 knots in your rope, you are deemed dead. You must immediately walk back to your respawn and untie all knots. Then wait the 5 minutes. Then get back in the game.
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  1. Old
    Panda's Avatar
    I'd be an African boy soldier, sounds fun.
    Posted 01-30-2012 at 07:56 PM by Panda Panda is offline
  2. Old
    Daxter's Avatar
    Well I'm currently working to make this happen; this idea isn't even close to dead. So you just might end up being one.
    Posted 01-30-2012 at 08:04 PM by Daxter Daxter is offline
  3. Old
    Sithis's Avatar
    Sounds awesome! I'd defiantly make it out for this if it were to ever happen.
    Posted 01-31-2012 at 01:53 AM by Sithis Sithis is offline
  4. Old
    jonahm740's Avatar
    You know I am in man....Panda as a boy solider, oh the irony .
    Posted 01-31-2012 at 07:01 AM by jonahm740 jonahm740 is offline
  5. Old
    Daxter's Avatar
    Yep I know your coming Jonah.

    Spread the word about this guys, we are seeing how much interest there is in the community. I'd like to see a good amount of players come. The more the merrier
    Posted 01-31-2012 at 03:39 PM by Daxter Daxter is offline
  6. Old
    Lenahan's Avatar
    Sounds really fun!!!! Im stuck on witch side to run, lol!
    Posted 01-31-2012 at 08:37 PM by Lenahan Lenahan is offline
  7. Old
    Panda's Avatar
    Panda as a boy solider, oh the irony
    I totally set myself up for that one...
    (No regrets)

    I think it would be really cool if the african side was ACTUALLY made of boy soldiers (13-18 year olds). I think it would add to the feel of the event, plus us kids can probably act better as an unorganized militia than a bunch of silly adults could. Not to say it is a whole teenage force, but a 60-40 ratio would be nice. Just a thought.
    Posted 01-31-2012 at 09:45 PM by Panda Panda is offline
    Updated 02-01-2012 at 06:41 AM by Panda
  8. Old
    INGINE's Avatar
    I'd go as a 'boy soldier' as well, i've been wanting to do some kind of loudout similar to that for a while.
    Here's what I'm thinking:
    -woodland pants
    -ratty old black t shirt
    -black alice belt with m1956 mag pouch and various other pouches
    -plain m14
    Posted 02-01-2012 at 05:36 PM by INGINE INGINE is offline
  9. Old
    Daxter's Avatar
    Glad to see such interest! I'll keep updates coming. This is just a raw start. Things are bound to change. Once we get everything all together, we will make a thread and get things movin'.
    Posted 02-01-2012 at 06:07 PM by Daxter Daxter is offline
  10. Old
    Rygar's Avatar
    Interesting concept. I'm a little iffy on the capture rules...especially about them being allowed to 'suicide' before capture. If they can do that, then Tan has no chance of making captures at all during the day.

    Other than that area, looks like an interesting concept. I'll keep my eye on this one, and when it comes to fruition, see if I can make it.
    Posted 02-01-2012 at 06:17 PM by Rygar Rygar is offline
  11. Old
    Panda's Avatar
    Interesting concept. I'm a little iffy on the capture rules...especially about them being allowed to 'suicide' before capture. If they can do that, then Tan has no chance of making captures at all during the day.
    BUT if they do that then they are out for 8 minutes. That's 8 minutes with a piece of your CoC missing.

    I'd do this as a boy soldier:
    Woodland pants
    Random gray long sleeve
    Belt kit and Camelbak
    baseball cap and goggles.
    Posted 02-01-2012 at 08:48 PM by Panda Panda is offline
  12. Old
    blur14's Avatar
    I like the idea. It would be cool to incorporate maybe a Viet Cong type of force rather than African one, only because its more all around jungle in Southeast Asia, and I would love to wear one of those rice straw hats.. Ninja-esque?? I think so!!!

    Minor, random, and silly details I would add just for my person pleasure. Love the concept though!
    Posted 02-01-2012 at 09:12 PM by blur14 blur14 is offline
  13. Old
    Daxter's Avatar
    Remember guys, this is still in its infancy. Things will change and some stuff will be moved around. But this is just to see who's interested. Looks good so fat might I add.

    Also, biggest update: We are changing how to win the game. I think it's too loose. I will talk amongst the team and see what we can come up with. Probably a series of objectives.
    Posted 02-02-2012 at 03:05 PM by Daxter Daxter is offline
    Updated 02-02-2012 at 03:10 PM by Daxter
  14. Old
    Misha's Avatar
    I've been waiting for someone to finally put on an African conflict event!

    And now you have it:P
    Posted 02-05-2012 at 02:36 PM by Misha Misha is offline
    Updated 02-05-2012 at 06:02 PM by Daxter
  15. Old
    Just a question but where is the location of the event?
    The game sounds fun, I like the rules except the suicide rule though if your going to die grow a pair like a man lol

    Suicide is still on debate but it only applies to captured officers. The event will most likely be hosted in Springfield.
    Posted 02-05-2012 at 07:43 PM by JCAIRSOFTER JCAIRSOFTER is offline
    Updated 02-05-2012 at 10:26 PM by Daxter
  16. Old
    Rio's Avatar
    This is very interesting. I would be happy to attend.
    Posted 02-07-2012 at 04:26 PM by Rio Rio is offline
  17. Old
    Daxter's Avatar
    I'll be spending the entire weekend reviewing, editing, modifying, ect. When it's all said and done, I'll get a thread going.
    Posted 02-10-2012 at 11:07 PM by Daxter Daxter is offline
  18. Old
    Daxter's Avatar
    New Update, no more additions will be made to this blog. Once everything is up to date, I will be making a thread.

    Also, looking into adding civilians to the list of roles.
    Posted 02-14-2012 at 04:11 PM by Daxter Daxter is offline

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