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how we should treat new people

Posted 12-14-2011 at 09:22 AM by storm401
We are an amazing community here on AO. But it really irritates me when i see new players and new MEMBERS of our community talked down to and disrespected. What happened to being helpful and kind? My first post on here was asking a stupid question, but rather than biting my head off about google, search feature or being a moron people helped me. That stuck with me in the sense that i actively try to not jump all over new players for spelling,stupid questions, already answered questions, not searching ect. I understand the need for them to learn our rules and everything but rather than tear into them about it and possibly discouraging them from returning by looking like jerks, shouldnt we kindly answer their question, remind them of the rules or ask them in the future please use spell check? I just feel all the back seat moderation iv been seeing is sending some players away from a community im personally thankful for and glad to be a small part of.

But thats just me

(Steping off soapbox)
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    IRONMAN's Avatar
    Wow Fox, I didn't know that Rellim was a "new" player. Should I take you through the paces of this new hobby of yours Rellim? You know I would but you've been playing for well over 3 years and know very much about this hobby we call airsoft (even more than those who "claim" to know more and I can attest to that..) and are one of the best all around players I've ever met.

    Thanks for giving all of us here on AO a PERFECT example of what Storm is talking about and calling out a veteran player WHO SIMPLY DISAGREED WITH YOU as too "new" to know anything...

    "I'm not saying what I went through, but people have to show respect before I give them respect. They're the new person here, I don't know them - so why should I respect them?"

    That's pretty selfish and arrogant to say. Who's to say if the mods don't show at least some kindness and courtesy to new players that they will receive the same treatment? I don't know about you but THAT is not the way to treat others in real life nor on a silly internet forum. If everyone went by that logic then this hobby will die down VERY fast because all of the new players filling in the ranks will realize that most of the veteran players are ******** who couldn't care less about their interest in becoming a part of this hobby known as "airsoft."

    I italicized "hobby" for those who seem to forget what airsoft is. A HOBBY. If airsoft could be summed up in a single sentence it would go as "a war game where players dress up in military outfits, conduct military tactics and situations with the entire game centered around the function and use of airsoft guns." What we do is for FUN. Plain and simple. Taking it serious to the point of belittling others and boosting your own ego is not what this hobby is about. Those that do obviously have personal issues where they find pleasure in putting down others. Do you know what "bullying" is?

    What is the golden rule? Oh yes, "treat others the way you want to be treated." Some people on here must never of heard of that saying before, or they choose not to follow it. This doesn't apply on those forums though. It applies just as much (maybe even more) on the field. I've seen my fair share of negative attitudes in my years of airsoft. Hell, I almost witnessed a fight break out. If some people would realize that we are out to have fun and NOT to hurt, belittle or take advantage of others then our hobby may grow even bigger! I've met many GOOD people in airsoft, from brief conversations with guys many years younger than me to current and former military vets. Our backgrounds are different but our interests are very much alike! Learn to accept that and maybe, just maybe, there will be alot less conflict in the future.

    +1 for this blog post Matt
    Posted 12-30-2011 at 02:09 AM by IRONMAN IRONMAN is offline
    Updated 12-30-2011 at 04:14 AM by IRONMAN
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    Fox's Avatar
    Did I ever say I was an elitist? No. I'm saying I've been around long enough to see what happens, you have not. Experience counts a lot.

    When I was in their shoes? No, I don't wish I was treated better. I was a jackass and I nearly got banned from the forums. However, when I was warned (infractions, basically) I wised up and started following the forum rules - pretty easy concept eh? And now look where I am in terms of the community.

    I respect people who follow the rules. It's not hard to spend 30 seconds glancing them over when you first join, they're RIGHT on top of everything. People who come in and their first post is 'What is the best gun?', I have NO reason to respect them. Same goes for any number of questions that could be asked. Same goes for lack of respect to the people who do answer - if your new and asking a question, you should be thankful someone even answered it, let alone bash them because YOU don't like the answer.

    Again, this is not a hard concept. Show respect to the community by reading and following the rules, then you will get respected in return.

    Not a hard concept and it appears something you could learn from.

    Berk, read my post, then read yours. I don't really understand your point - you're bashing me, because your saying I'm hard on new people. yet at the same time, you claim the golden rule. Which, is exactly my point. People who come in and blatantly don't read the rules - thus break them, apparently have no respect for the community, because they can't take the time to read the rules. So they're disrespecting the community right there. Why should I respect them then? (Golden rule - treat people the way you want to be treated, right?) But then you're saying that I should respect them and be nice to them, after they've broken rules... why?
    Posted 12-30-2011 at 11:55 AM by Fox Fox is offline
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    IRONMAN's Avatar
    "Did I ever say I was an elitist? No. I'm saying I've been around long enough to see what happens, you have not. Experience counts a lot."

    That is exactly my point. You're going after someone (who you don't even know or ever met..) and claiming he hasn't been around long enough to know anything. Are you judging his number of posts or join date? It doesn't take very long to understand what airsoft is and what goes on 'behind the scenes.'

    "People who come in and blatantly don't read the rules - thus break them, apparently have no respect for the community, because they can't take the time to read the rules."

    True to an extent. What I disagree with is going off on a newbie for his first little mistake (opinion posts are great examples). If all what the "community" shows is ridicule then it's not going to help the hobby grow. It's going to turn more people away. I'm not saying we should kiss their ***, NOT at all. What we should do is be less agressive towards those who may post a harmless opinion post or another typical "newbie" post. This is the internet afterall.....
    Posted 12-30-2011 at 12:55 PM by IRONMAN IRONMAN is offline
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    Fox's Avatar
    Berk, let me ask somethings in turn.

    Are you a moderator on airsoftohio? No. Is Rell a moderator on airsoftohio? No.

    So your experiences as a member, are not the same as a moderator. You do not get hatemail from someone who can't even find the A button and calls you every name in the book, because you locked their 'what is best gun?" thread. So, once more experience that, whether new or old, he does not have, nor do you. There is a lot more 'behind the scenes' then you think. But, you don't see it or know what goes on 'behind the scenes' because, your not really involved. The innocent newbie isn't as innocent as they always seem.

    When is the last time a moderator, when off on someone? Again, something behind the scenes. You do not see the PM's I send with infractions, or the other moderators send with infractions. And you also, don't get the replies from them that range from "go **** yourself, you nazi *******" to "I'm sorry, I understand - I won't do it again."

    The people who apologize and follow the rules are great members. The ones who continue to break the rules, get banned. Easy as that. I can't tell you how many people I've infracted / banned, that now have woken up and are good members. I'd have to look back years and years. Heck, I know even a few of them are currently moderators. So, point proven - our methods work.

    I'm jumping on him, because he's jumping on me. I'm saying he needs experience, the same way I'm saying you need experience. New or old, you guys have not had the experience of being a moderator, on this forum. So, how about now you practice what you've been preaching?
    Posted 12-30-2011 at 01:07 PM by Fox Fox is offline
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    Rellim's Avatar
    Alright gentlemen, lets agree to disagree. Happy New Year. Hope you all have a great one.
    Posted 12-30-2011 at 08:22 PM by Rellim Rellim is offline
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    storm401's Avatar
    ^ thanks rellim. this seems to be getting out of hand.
    Posted 12-30-2011 at 08:28 PM by storm401 storm401 is offline
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    Red's Avatar
    My dad spanked my *** because he loved me. We're tough on the new kids on the block because we want AO & airsoft to "grow up" right, and be a great community.

    The guy who first pissed me off on AO because he locked my "is this gun good?" thread (albeit, after every question was answered, since my thread basically needed clarification on the difference between an M4 & M16 from CA internally) later on became one of my good friends & my roommate.

    Two examples, food for thought.
    Posted 12-30-2011 at 09:34 PM by Red Red is offline
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    Son of Liberty's Avatar
    Can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Learn to adapt, or adapt to learn.
    Posted 01-03-2012 at 07:06 PM by Son of Liberty Son of Liberty is offline
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    storm401's Avatar
    youve tried the rod why not try the carrot ?
    Posted 01-14-2012 at 11:48 AM by storm401 storm401 is offline

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