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First Time

Posted 05-24-2009 at 05:11 PM by Fiegs
Hey AO,
Ok i just played my first airsoft game today. It was awesome!!! Even though we all had crappy guns it was a great time. Being out in the woods and being all tactical and sneaking up on the enemy makes it an awesome sport. I think i walked away from the day with 5 kills. We had some 3v4 games. It is about 4-5 acres of woods. I used my CYMA MP5, which wasn't as much of a disapointment as i thought it would be. I was messing with the hop up on my gun. WOW!! Those Bb's were curving like crazy.
We played 2 rounds and then moved to my front yard. We parked our lawn mower and ATV in the front yard and pulled a bunch of tubs out for barriers. We played a little 3v3 fast paced capture the flag. Then we were just shooting eachother for fun.Then everyone liked me and my brothers paint jobs that we did on our guns, so we ended up painting two of our friends guns as well. Then i compared my seemless bb's to my brothers bb's. Myn went a lot straighter thand his did.
All in all it was a great day. Hanging out with my friends and playing some airsoft. It couldn't get any better.
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    mac50's Avatar
    Playing in the front yard is not a good idea. Passsersby can get the wrong idea and cause a lot of grief.
    If you put too much hop up on, it will cause your bb's to curve. You opnly need to add enough to make them go straighter and farther.
    Although you feel your gun performed well, wait until you go up against TM''s and CA's
    Posted 05-25-2009 at 07:15 AM by mac50 mac50 is offline
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    Sasquatch-L's Avatar
    I hope you mean upgraded guns. At least about CA's, I don't know much about TM's. What I do know is that in my opinion, stock CA's are kind of crap, especially the trigger response.

    Then again, maybe Im just some idiot. Glad you had fun shooting friends. That's always a blast.
    Posted 05-26-2009 at 06:56 PM by Sasquatch-L Sasquatch-L is offline
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    Lunchbox's Avatar
    As for the front yard thing, I don't think it's too much of a big deal, assuming you're not in public view. I'd assume that if you've got a few acres of woods to play in, you're probably out in the country somewhere. Just don't play where people could drive or walk by and see you guys playing. Or, if you don't have a choice but to play where people can see you, you might want to call your local Sherrif's department and get the OK from them.

    But, it's good that you had a good time. It's only going to get better as you get more into the guns and gear and the game of airsoft itself. Just keep it safe and legal.
    Posted 05-28-2009 at 09:43 AM by Lunchbox Lunchbox is offline
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    artimus's Avatar
    Im not even going to comment about this.
    Posted 06-10-2009 at 03:12 PM by artimus artimus is offline

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