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Wonderful world of Realism...

Posted 06-17-2011 at 02:01 AM by Seagull
So this might be a short blog. Ah who cares? Not me that's who. So I got a bit of info to write about, mainly on my new gun. The Real Sword Type 97 assault rifle. Bought with part of my signing bonus. I did my research on this gun, and decided it was worth a shot. Apparently MAG magazines work fine in the weapon so I'm not too worried about it. I bought a lower spring too, as the gun comes stock shooting 430fps. Just gotta install it... guess I gotta call some of my tinkerer pals.

I also bought something that I've wanted a long time. A Desert Eagle. I'm 6'4 and I have big hands. 9mm handguns usually aren't too comfy for me to handle, as my hands overspill. I love the DEagle because it's big, shoots hard and is comfy for me despite the weight. It's a CO2 CYMA/Cybergun model. Should be a bucket of laughs.

Now onto the title of this blog. Since my graduation from Navy training and entering the reserves, I have come to realize that Airsoft is FAR from the real thing. Despite the obvious points, the ammo, the whole not actually dieing thing, but hear me out. What I'm talking about is tactics. I found out the hard way that during Tactics training, what works in airsoft, doesn't always work in the real world and vise versa.

Let me explain, say, for the sake of argument, that you sneak up on an enemy soldier and have him dead to rights and he has no idea you're there. If I was in the real world, as an MA in the Navy, I'd arrest the man, as a prisoner is more valuable than a corpse... but in airsoft, you'd just shoot him.

If you tried to capture him, he'd just shoot you back. If you did capture him somehow, how is he going to benefit your cause? Answer, he won't. There's no tactical advantage to taking prisoners unless you have to capture a specific person on the other team, cause then it benefits the game.

Now there's not point to this at all. I don't mind this, because airsoft is simply a game. That's all it ever will be.

Check out my youtube channel too y'all! I'm starting an airsoft video blog with gun reviews, game footage, and so much more. Just have a crappy little intro video up now but more to come! Oh yeah!!!
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    Grease Man's Avatar
    I don't think you will find many people that have ever argued that the tactics are the same.
    Posted 06-20-2011 at 08:40 AM by Grease Man Grease Man is offline
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    Texx's Avatar
    The are many tactical advantages to taking prisoners in airsoft:

    OPFOR loses manpower they would regain through respawn.

    If you happen to take some of their command structure prisoner, OPFOR can be left without leadership to direct it.

    OPFOR's resources: who now have to attempt to rescue prisoners or attempt to operate without the captured personnel.

    The downside: You have to assign personnel to guard said prisoners.

    Taking prisoners may stall the game.

    How do you police weapons?
    Posted 06-20-2011 at 10:08 AM by Texx Texx is offline
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    Teddy Bear's Avatar
    I know how you feel about he pistol thing dude ;-).

    as for prisoners, I think it is good idea, it makes the game more interesting. Most of the rules are -- if that event says you can take prisoners-- If you Hit the player, you can take him prisoner, you just have to put your hand on his shoulder or somthing and say, "I am disarming you", "I am taking you prisoner" and just as easy as that, no unneeded touching, no handcuffs or Zip Ties, that will just lead to problems (just keep an eye on them, Ive run into some sneaky prisoners, they may trick you ;-) ). and if the rules allow, you can try and sneak up on the person, instead of "Knifing" them, just tell them they are bing disarmed and taken prisoner and that you have gagged them (no talking).
    Posted 06-20-2011 at 03:44 PM by Teddy Bear Teddy Bear is offline
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    tmuser's Avatar
    Doesn't it depend on the game you are playing? Obviously casual weekend games aren't supposed to be hardcore realistic but a lion claws event and other events of that nature is totally different from a casual Sunday game.
    Posted 06-20-2011 at 06:11 PM by tmuser tmuser is offline
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    General_Tso's Avatar
    Taking prisoners is both effective in the real world, and the world of airsoft we know and love. As airsoft is still evolving, these are the sort of things that will change, only time can tell when. I take prisoners in some games, the best way to do that is instead of respawning, tell them to stay put. If there are no respawns, but there are medics. Preferably, just move them behind cover, the best place is slightly behind the lines of combat, that way, you can keep an eye on them. And if you die, they won't have to suffer from a dumb decision for half the game. Also, as I study the PLA. the Real QBZ 95 takes a 5.8mm round. But, Real Swords QBZ 97. like the real one, takes a 5.56. Technically ALL STANAG 5.56 magazines should fit the gun. I really love Real Sword and their exotic weapons and great attention to detail, I myself own a RS type 56-1. They have a name in gun quality and inside they have quality parts. You should put a rail system on your QBZ 97. If you apply for the Real Sword membership you can apply for a special order for one.
    Hope to see you on the field sometime!
    Posted 06-21-2011 at 09:20 PM by General_Tso General_Tso is offline
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    Patton1943's Avatar
    I feel that taking prisoners in an airsoft game would be an interesting game type at larger events, but i feel like it would get annoying after a while. mostly because it would be such a hard thing to monitor and set up. Largely because of how and where the captured players and the guns would be held, also i feel that so few people would actually be in a situation were they could be captured that it would just end up making the whole game type just a really complicated team death match. Its a interesting thought but i believe it would take some serious time and effort to even attempt to make it work at a large event.
    Posted 06-25-2011 at 05:34 PM by Patton1943 Patton1943 is offline

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