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Newbie advice from a fellow newbie

Posted 10-18-2009 at 11:55 PM by Merkabah
Howdy. Ive been lurking on this site for a while now. Due to some unexpected delays the first game I will be able to attend was far removed from the date that i took an interest in airsoft. So I figured I would make the most of the delay and research the hell out of it and have been for the last few months or so. these are some things I have observed during this time that I thought some fellow newbie could make use of. A lot of its just beating a dead horse. But I'm bored senseless so deal.

What is the best gun?

People, especially here, hate this question. Its not a bad question per se. People here and elsewhere will disagree with this statement but you can spend a lot of cash and get a gun that you hate or will not do what you had in mind. Problem is its a trick question. More likely than not whatever answer someone gives wont be satisfactory.

But there are a few things that might make this an easier decision to make. Barrel length doesn't matter a whole lot so far as range and accuracy go. So overall gun length shouldn't stop you from buying one you like for fear of buying a gimp gun. The insides of most airsoft guns are similar and upgradeable. So it isn't the end of the world if you arnt happy with something(this can get expensive though depending on the upgrade). If you want to have a grenade launcher, fore grip, flashlight, and a wine bottle opener mounted on the same gun you might want to get one with a lot of rails towards the front. If your small you may want to stay clear of the heavy guns.

Just look around. If there isn't a airsoft store near you go to a gun show. Rent one at a game. Google. If its a real gun theres a good chance that theres a airsoft version thats similar if not identical. Then research who makes replicas of those guns. There isn't a "best airsoft company" Either. If you just want to give it a shot to see how you like it get something cheep or rent. If you want something a little better/durable prepare to spend some cash. Unfortunately this is one of those "you get what you pay for" deals.

Sniping doesn't add up in airsoft

The only real difference between a airsoft sniper and any assault rifle is a mild increase in fps, a minimum engagement distance, and no full auto allowed. Remember when I said most of these gun's are pretty similar on the inside? Well that pretty much takes the advantages of a sniper rifle and flushes most of them down the toilet. The crux of range and accuracy for these things is mostly the hopup unit. And all these guns have those.

Adventures in other gear

I have a confession to make. I cant keep anything low key. Things just always seem to snowball. Airsoft, in spite of the fact that I have yet to play a game, is no different. First day I walked into airsoft arms I was thinking I would stop at a mid priced gun and pick up a mask. Nothing else. Well I spent more on the gun that I wanted to. Then when I got a mask I noticed it was done in some sort of camo Ive never seen. After looking around I found out it was ACU. Well at that point I figured "Well its good enough for the army it'll do fine for me" Well I kinda wish I had went with something else. Particularly now that I have matching BDU's and vest.

Point is that I really shoulda held off on those purchases until I knew more about what I needed and what camo works around here. ACU isn't the best in Ohio and is, in many perfect strangers opinion, especially bad on vests and I would have likely known that shortly after I started playing. If you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb swing by a army surplus store and grab whatever is cheapest. That way you wont be kicking yourself like I am now.

Some people are not worth playing with

The very first time I went out to play airsoft I came back thirty minuets later wondering how I could have such stupid friends. If you see your friends doing stupid things with airsoft guns, Trespassing/Breaking into private property, Not wearing full seal goggles or masks, Walking around with them in public, or pointing them at strangers. Tell them its dangerous or, if thats futile, just leave as I did. These things can get you sued, arrested, injured, or even killed.

This hobby is expensive enough without medical bill's. BE SAFE!"

Not much to add here. Full seal goggles or a mask is all it takes to prevent you from being blinded. Other things you might want to think about are boots with good ankle support, water maybe something to protect your teeth(mask or mouth guard). common sense stuff really. Well except the teeth thing. that was a surprise when I heard these bb's could break them.

If you live in Ohio leave this site. NOW!

This site, like most, is populated with some very jaded individuals. Its also somewhat heavily moderated. Chances are if you start posting without reading the rules you'll get banned in short order. Even reading the rules might not spare you from this fate. But this isn't a great reason to leave this site. An excelent reason to think before you post. But not to leave.

Unlike most forums you may frequent this site is primarily for a very small community in a very limited area (Ohio). Behave a fool here and you might be seen as one at a game in the very near future. Again, a good reason to think twice about posting. But thats still not a reason to leave here.

The true reason to leave here is that even without posting one single thing, This site can leave you with a very bad first impression of your local airsoft community. For whatever reason some people here seem to think that a small community website is a good place to act like an Internet jackass. It isn't but I wouldn't count on forumites or blogers learning that anytime soon. Its a good place to find information. But I wouldn't suggest visiting the forums and certainly not the blogs.

Leave. There are plenty of airsoft websites out there. Stay away till you have met some people and been to a few games lest you find yourself fighting preconceptions of a community due to a few douchbags on a forum.
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