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The ban files: PainfulWhale

Posted 04-21-2009 at 09:55 PM by Phil
Updated 04-21-2009 at 10:46 PM by Phil
I've decided that sometimes things are worth chronicling. In this case, the hilarious noobs who get banend from chat...

[PainfulWhale] 10:08 pm: Do you guys know where I can get good gear?
[mr_kong] 10:08 pm: How was the ban PainfulWhale
[Locutus] 10:08 pm: I will get the meal plan and bring a case of MREs
[Phil] 10:08 pm: The internet.
[DuoChan] 10:08 pm: the tubes
[Shadersnake] 10:08 pm: I hear tactical Tailor is pretty good Painful
[PainfulWhale] 10:08 pm: shut up shade....
[CTU_Davis] 10:08 pm: Ebay
[mr_kong] 10:08 pm: hah
[Fox] 10:09 pm: im not ggetting the meal plan
[Shadersnake] 10:09 pm: Dont start kid
[Fox] 10:09 pm: im just going to have food
[Dora] 10:09 pm: sparky will make you gear
[Fox] 10:09 pm: I can survive on energy bars for 18 hours.
[PainfulWhale] 10:09 pm: kid? I'm an officer in the marines. I'm pretty sure I'm not a kid.
[CTU_Davis] 10:09 pm: I'll bring some MRE's in the event people want them
[Dora] 10:09 pm: uh oh
[Shadersnake] 10:09 pm: Sure don't present yourself as such Painful
[Phil] 10:09 pm:'re in the marines and don't knwo where to get gear?
[Phil] 10:09 pm: .../face
[CTU_Davis] 10:10 pm: hears a record skip somewhere
[CTU_Davis] 10:10 pm: ....
[CTU_Davis] 10:10 pm: do I smell bull****
[Shadersnake] 10:10 pm: ..../facepalm
[mr_kong] 10:10 pm: he's a marine who mows lawns for a living
[Dora] 10:10 pm: assclown lolwut?
[Shadersnake] 10:10 pm: Careful.. don't step in the bull****
[mr_kong] 10:10 pm: lol
[PainfulWhale] 10:10 pm: you guys think airsoft is scary, get on to a battle field and see what you will do when the real bullets start flying.
[Dora] 10:10 pm: oooh man
[Dora] 10:10 pm: this is gettin' good
[Shadersnake] 10:10 pm: Painful... go walk down the streets of Youngstown
[mr_kong] 10:10 pm: bet those blades of grass are real scary too when you mow it
[Shadersnake] 10:10 pm: good enoguh for me
[CTU_Davis] 10:10 pm: hahaha
[Airsoft Discussion]: Doorman has left at 10:10 pm
[Shadersnake] 10:11 pm: enough*
[Phil] 10:11 pm: Who said airsoft was scary?
[PainfulWhale] 10:11 pm: I have been to youngstown.
[Locutus] 10:11 pm: PainfulWhale, what is your MOS?
[DuoChan] 10:11 pm: lol, what's your MOS Whale? Friend of mine's going for 0331 at SOI right now
[Shadersnake] 10:11 pm: Loc.. this may get out of hand very quickly
[DuoChan] 10:11 pm: let it rain...
[mr_kong] 10:11 pm: scary becuase of those allergies
[Locutus] 10:11 pm: PW?
[Shadersnake] 10:11 pm: watching as Painful googles what MOS is
[Fox] 10:11 pm: I live in youngstown
[mr_kong] 10:11 pm: you know what I'm saying?
[Locutus] 10:12 pm: yeah, this is about how long it takes someone to google it.
[PainfulWhale] 10:12 pm: I know what mos is.
[mr_kong] 10:12 pm: makes your eyes all itchy, and you sneeze a lot
[Locutus] 10:12 pm: I smell IP ban coming.
[DuoChan] 10:12 pm: PW hit a golf ball when mowing
[Duo] 10:12 pm: Then what's your MOS?
[Locutus] 10:12 pm: then what is your MOS?
[Dora] 10:12 pm: hit him in the head
[Dora] 10:12 pm: now has PTSD
[DuoChan] 10:12 pm: I love you, Loc
[mr_kong] 10:12 pm: lol
[Red] 10:12 pm: LOL
[Shadersnake] 10:12 pm: Painful.. dont bring this weak #$%^&* to the playground.. Cause we'll #$%^&* ng eat you alive
[mr_kong] 10:12 pm: careful, Strikers have PTSD
[mr_kong] 10:12 pm: its serious business
[Airsoft Discussion]: Lu has entered at 10:12 pm
[PainfulWhale] 10:12 pm: I'm in the 41st platoon. I'm in charge of 40+ men, I'm on my 3rd tour
[Dora] 10:12 pm: IM will eat you
[CTU_Davis] 10:12 pm: HAAAHAAAHAA
[Locutus] 10:12 pm: fail.
[Red] 10:13 pm: Lol oh lawd...
[DuoChan] 10:13 pm: Oh?
[Red] 10:13 pm: IP BAN HOOOOOO
[Shadersnake] 10:13 pm: Lol
[mr_kong] 10:13 pm: omg Lu is here
[DuoChan] 10:13 pm: What's your MOS? lol
[Locutus] 10:13 pm: That isn't an MOS.
[Phil] 10:13 pm: -_-
[Shadersnake] 10:13 pm: BANHAMMER
[Dora] 10:13 pm: KILL THE WABBIT
[Lu] 10:13 pm: wait wait wait
[Lu] 10:13 pm: devil
[Lu] 10:13 pm: whats goin on here
[Shadersnake] 10:13 pm: betchya he cant say what his MOS is..
[PainfulWhale] 10:13 pm: then you tell me what it is?
[Shadersnake] 10:13 pm: it's Top Secret
[CTU_Davis] 10:13 pm: i'm going to strike a guess at 13 year old 100 pound nerd.
[Red] 10:13 pm: Lol...
[Lu] 10:13 pm: whats your MOS Devil?
[Locutus] 10:13 pm: Where are you now PW?
[mr_kong] 10:13 pm: wtf? we're asking you painful whale
[DuoChan] 10:13 pm: Lu: Whale says he's an office in the Corps.
[Shadersnake] 10:13 pm: GAIS... my MOS is TOp Secretzz
[Dora] 10:13 pm: PW: what does "qapla'" mean?
[mr_kong] 10:14 pm: his avatar is of a Army soldier
[Shadersnake] 10:14 pm: So therefore, he must be in the army
[Locutus] 10:14 pm: lol
[mr_kong] 10:14 pm: What the #$%^&* BOOOOOOOOOOOM
[PainfulWhale] 10:14 pm: Your calling me a nerd? I don't even play airsoft. evertime I see pictures of you guys playing, you look like a nerd. you guys make real military servicemen like myself look bad. not even kidding.
[Dora] 10:14 pm: loc
[Dora] 10:14 pm: for my birthday
[Red] 10:14 pm: Lol
[DuoChan] 10:14 pm: Fox
[Red] 10:14 pm: IP BAN
[Dora] 10:14 pm: please don't ban him
[Dora] 10:14 pm: he's too much fun
[Lu] 10:14 pm: so what am I when a fellow prior is merely asking for ones MOS's?
[Shadersnake] 10:14 pm: A Marine Officer having an avatar of an ARMY solider?? Seems so wrong
[CTU_Davis] 10:14 pm: Oh
[Locutus] 10:14 pm: this is fun
[CTU_Davis] 10:15 pm: Oh did he go there?
[Shadersnake] 10:15 pm: He went there Davis
[Shadersnake] 10:15 pm: Loc... Permission to #$%^&* ng eat his soul?
[PainfulWhale] 10:15 pm: and just because my avatar is an army soldier does not mean I'm not an officer. that is my friend who has died in Iraq
[Dora] 10:15 pm: oh god
[Shadersnake] 10:15 pm: Had Died PW
[Shadersnake] 10:15 pm: HAD
[Locutus] 10:15 pm: ok, now you have crossed the line #$%^&* ng peice of ****.
[Red] 10:15 pm: LOLOL
[Shadersnake] 10:16 pm: Oh Shi-
[Shadersnake] 10:16 pm: Loc angry
[Airsoft Discussion]: mr_kong has left at 10:16 pm
[Dora] 10:16 pm: darth loc
[CTU_Davis] 10:16 pm: Yes. Yes I did call you a nerd you lieing sack of #$%^&*
[Lu] 10:16 pm: PW: so it says your occupation is mowing?
[Airsoft Discussion]: Miyagi has entered at 10:16 pm
[PainfulWhale] 10:16 pm: is this seriously how you treat your memebers locotus?
[Phil] 10:16 pm: Hey whale, what's your rank?
[Lu] 10:16 pm: i didnt realize that was an MOS
[CTU_Davis] 10:16 pm: Someone E-curbstomp this mothe #$%^&* r
[Dora] 10:16 pm: LOL
[Shadersnake] 10:16 pm: PW.... right now, you're lower then dirt thats buried underneat #$%^&*
[Red] 10:16 pm: Painful, SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH
[Airsoft Discussion]: PainfulWhale has left at 10:16 pm
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  1. Old
    Son of Liberty's Avatar
    He loses. Time to move on.
    Posted 04-26-2009 at 01:27 PM by Son of Liberty Son of Liberty is offline
  2. Old
    Dace's Avatar
    PainfulWhale] 10:15 pm: and just because my avatar is an army soldier does not mean I'm not an officer. that is my friend who has died in Iraq
    [Dora] 10:15 pm: oh god
    [Shadersnake] 10:15 pm: Had Died PW
    [Shadersnake] 10:15 pm: HAD
    [Locutus] 10:15 pm: ok, now you have crossed the line #$%^&* ng peice of ****.
    loc u had me laughing so hard!!!!
    [PainfulWhale] 10:16 pm: is this seriously how you treat your memebers locotus?
    Posted 04-28-2009 at 08:59 AM by Dace Dace is offline
  3. Old
    vern's Avatar
    He tries to make himself look big by saying hes in the military yet hes only 15. He's the kind of people that I hope do join the military and get shipped off to Iraq to learn some respect for others. What an idiot.
    Posted 04-29-2009 at 09:03 AM by vern vern is offline
  4. Old
    TATER77's Avatar
    he is the kind of idiot that makes older airsofters think that anyone under 18 sucks and have no respect for others and dont even pay attention to what they are doing.
    Posted 04-29-2009 at 03:38 PM by TATER77 TATER77 is offline
  5. Old
    Devildog's Avatar
    Good job guys....what a jackelope.
    Posted 04-30-2009 at 12:39 PM by Devildog Devildog is offline
  6. Old
    Cephalos's Avatar
    [CTU_Davis] 10:10 pm: hears a record skip somewhere
    [CTU_Davis] 10:10 pm: ....
    [CTU_Davis] 10:10 pm: do I smell bull****

    CTU_Davis... You're my hero.
    Posted 05-02-2009 at 11:22 PM by Cephalos Cephalos is offline
  7. Old
    Cpt.Beaupre's Avatar
    he could have at the least insted of not say an MOS at all, why couldnt he lie and say something like corpsman? (even though thats navy and everyone knows that)
    Posted 05-03-2009 at 02:41 PM by Cpt.Beaupre Cpt.Beaupre is offline
  8. Old
    Cpt.Beaupre's Avatar
    lol guys in that chat it says he doesn't even shoot airsoft but if you look up his name in the forum search, it brings up one forum by him and it is asking about an AIRSOFT M4! seriously why would he be on Airsoft Ohio if he doesn't shoot, to teach us all a lesson since we make the real military look bad? lol
    Posted 05-03-2009 at 02:49 PM by Cpt.Beaupre Cpt.Beaupre is offline
  9. Old
    schmikah's Avatar
    I was just looking through this and i was just wondering he got temp banned in the first place, i mean ya he was dumb for going on and on with it afterward. If he got temp banned because he asked about gear then it was very hypocritical because I have been directed to chat several times after posting "opinions".
    Posted 06-08-2009 at 10:34 AM by schmikah schmikah is offline
  10. Old
    Desert-Fox's Avatar
    He didn't get banned for asking about gear, but rather for being a general jack-***, and impersonating a military figure; not cool, not cool at all. Have some respect for what they do..
    Posted 07-24-2009 at 12:36 AM by Desert-Fox Desert-Fox is offline
  11. Old
    God. .pw makes our sport look bad..
    Posted 04-29-2011 at 02:55 PM by Carbon Carbon is offline
  12. Old
    armyus516's Avatar
    Now that was red takin' care of buisness.
    Posted 09-20-2011 at 07:40 PM by armyus516 armyus516 is offline
  13. Old
    Texx's Avatar
    LOL, that was way before Red was a mod.
    Posted 09-20-2011 at 09:46 PM by Texx Texx is offline
  14. Old
    Kingpin's Avatar
    WOW...definetly just LOLd reading this. ANYONE who has EVEN been in the military wont forget their MOS unless it has been awhile and the MOS's got merged with another....sad sad day
    Posted 08-15-2012 at 02:17 PM by Kingpin Kingpin is offline
  15. Old
    Preacher's Avatar
    this had me doubled over, but wow what a jack!@!
    Posted 11-14-2012 at 01:58 PM by Preacher Preacher is offline

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