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Finally got an A&K Masada.

Posted 10-30-2009 at 02:15 PM by HK
Whelp after searching forever, finally found one and worked a trade out for it. Got it yesterday via the good old UPS man. Was pretty excited knowing these are a pretty rare find.

Opened the box, got it out and the first thing that came to my mind was"wow this thing is pretty beefy". The weight is very nice and I have to say it is really quite tight as in the build, very sturdy. No wobbly parts, and is extremely comfy on the arms and shoulder.

The stock is quite nice, fully adjustable check rest and lenght. BUT if using a single point sling on a qd ring on the stock mount, if adjust anywhere but on fully collasped it will slide to the last notch of the stock. So a 2 point sling looks to be the answer for that. It is a side swinging stock also which could be great for some CQB.

On to the upper and lower. The upper looks to be a nice big chuck of cnc aluminum. I heard somewhere that someone said pot metal, I laugh at that. Upper is very nice, good weight and milled very well. Of course the colors on the metal and poly/plastic are different colors but still looks great. The charging handle is located on the left side right above the bolt and has a decent pull on it, could be better. And with a working bolt catch, adds a nice feature to the gun, although the spring on the release could be stronger.

The lower receiver is poly/plastic and has a really comfy feel to it. Fit's the hand very nice even for big hands like mine. The ambidextrous controls are great(mag release,bolt catch release and fire selector) and all function perfect. Inside the lower you will find a V2 gearbox modded with a sr-25 air nozzle( don't like this much). Have not broke that open yet will do this weekend and re-shim and check out gears,piston ect and replace spring. Mine came shooting extremely hot, most likely in the 460-480 range and you can here it in the motor and gearbox(sound like it's straining to pull the spring). Mag well hold any standard m4 mag but p-mags fit it best. There is wobble with standard m4 mags so put a little electrical tape around them to tighten that up.

On to the barrel assembly/hop up. The barrel design is very unique. Pull the for grip cover off, push a button at the base of the barrel and a quarter turn and out it come's all in one piece with hop up attached. This will be great when wanting to switch to a shorter 11.5 barrel. Standard is I believe 14.5. The hop up on the other hand is not so good, and you have to be vary careful with it at least now until something aftermarket comes out. It's I believe is a 2 piece hop up attached to the base of the barrel, with a slider on the top to adjust hop up that can easily fall off if not careful. It's clear thick plastic and with the bolt catch open you can see the feeding of the rounds very easy. There could be some improvement there for sure.

Front guard/for grip is one piece like a g36. Slides right off and fit's a 8.4 easy anything bigger no go unless a li-po like 7.4 or so.

As for taking apart, very easy takes about 3 min's or less to have the gun completely disassembled or less with practice. Pins Pins and more Pins, that's it until you get to the gearbox then some tools required.

Rate of fire very good. Tested it with a 8.4 and 9.6, and with both the rate of fire was pleasing. No chrono so can't see for sure, but will check this weekend.

Sorry if there is some spelling mistake's, I suck at typing on laptop, So grammar Nazi's stay away. Any questions shot me a pm or post away. If I missed something that you want to know about hit me up or ask here.I'll try to answer the best I can.

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  1. Old
    CStahl's Avatar
    I am extremely jealous. You should take some pics of it also.
    Posted 11-02-2009 at 06:04 PM by CStahl CStahl is offline
  2. Old
    blacksheep_p's Avatar
    PM me the your source, I need this weapon... LOL.
    Posted 11-02-2009 at 11:01 PM by blacksheep_p blacksheep_p is offline
  3. Old
    Gerber's Avatar
    Your are so amazingly lucky!
    Posted 11-05-2009 at 09:24 PM by Gerber Gerber is offline
  4. Old
    Posted 11-06-2009 at 02:36 PM by vbtb110 vbtb110 is offline
    Updated 11-06-2009 at 02:56 PM by vbtb110
  5. Old
    KingTom's Avatar
    Is this the Magpul licensed one? Im confused as to what A&K is really selling. From what I have seen A&K was partnering with Magpul, and that the A&K Masada wasn't supposed to be released yet. Do you know anything about this?
    Posted 11-08-2009 at 06:27 PM by KingTom KingTom is offline
  6. Old
    HK's Avatar
    The Masada I have in not licensed which in some way's makes it kind of special at least to me. The links posted above are indeed showing the licensed version that A&K is producing, which will be considered as the sportline version of the Masada. Getting one from will run you around 269.00 after shipping, done check. I'm not to stressed about the licensed one since I have my trusty gun guru (known as Nightwolf, mad prop's to ya buddy) so upgrade are a no problem. So as far as the Masada's go you can get one. A&K has the ok from Magpul to make them as there sportline, and when Magpul PTS Masada will be the big brother, kind of like the sportline and good CA'S.
    Posted 11-09-2009 at 12:14 AM by HK HK is offline
  7. Old
    KingTom's Avatar
    Thanks man that was really helpful. I think I'm going to wait for the licensed one. Do you know when it will be in the US?
    Posted 11-09-2009 at 12:58 PM by KingTom KingTom is offline
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    operator863's Avatar
    Two Questions:
    1: Whats the inner barrel length, as in 'will an m4 barrel work?'
    2: What Size battery will fit in it? i need to know so i can buy it asap. lol
    Posted 11-16-2009 at 07:39 PM by operator863 operator863 is offline
  9. Old
    HK's Avatar
    m4 barrel works fine and the biggest battery I can fit is a 9.6 1500mah numchuck or a small 8.4 or a 7.4 lipo.

    KingTom not sure on US but they are available now over seas.
    Posted 11-17-2009 at 08:18 PM by HK HK is offline
    Updated 11-17-2009 at 08:22 PM by HK
  10. Old
    Hey HK thanks for the post, I just bought one from China and realized after I did the Paypal that I didn't even think about Customs.

    Did you have any problems getting through customs like I hear some other people talking about? I noticed it doesn't come with an "orange tip" and it has the magpul logo..but it's licenced by magpul so that's not a problem right?

    Anyways I emailed them and they seem pretty responsive so hopefully I can figure it out and it's not a problem, I'd hate to see my money go down the tube for some customs guy to bring home for his lucky *** kid.
    Posted 11-19-2009 at 04:12 AM by wolfman_idaho wolfman_idaho is offline
  11. Old
    /jealous. I'm jealous and envious. Is that a sin?
    Posted 11-20-2009 at 05:14 PM by Yamsbanned Yamsbanned is offline
  12. Old
    HK's Avatar
    Wolfman I have heard some pretty bad story about buying them over seas and customs so I hope it get's to you ok.

    ASGI is now carring them so you can now order them here in the state's.

    And thanks Yams.
    Posted 11-20-2009 at 09:45 PM by HK HK is offline
  13. Old
    HK's Avatar
    Update on the Masada

    I installed some systema gen ratio gears, supercore piston, systema duracon head, m120 systema spring,systema bucking, systema bearing spring guide, perfect shim job thanks to my man Nightwolf, and going to pick up a Systema magnum motor this week.
    Posted 11-25-2009 at 12:41 AM by HK HK is offline
  14. Old
    HK's Avatar
    Picked up the Systema Magnum motor on black Friday at good old Airsoft Arm's. The Masada now is a beast. Great FPS at a consistant 355-358, and rate of fire is extreme with the magnum motor.

    So for a recap the Masada now is loaded with
    Systema Magnum motor
    Systema standard ratio gear's
    Systema M120 spring
    Systema bearing spring guide
    Supercore piston(I think to be the best)
    Systema duracon head
    perfect percision shim job(thx to Nightwolf)

    All that with ran on a 9.6 5000mah in a battery pouch makes for good games all day long.

    And with a lipo this thing is just extreme.
    Posted 12-01-2009 at 05:14 PM by HK HK is offline
    Updated 12-06-2009 at 04:47 AM by HK
  15. Old
    HK's Avatar
    Posted 12-26-2009 at 08:53 PM by HK HK is offline
  16. Old
    EvBaby21's Avatar
    I'm debating on either the A&k masada or the magpull pts masada. Anyone one have any suggestions as to weather the A&K one is segnificantly better?
    Posted 01-04-2012 at 12:54 PM by EvBaby21 EvBaby21 is offline

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