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Airsoft: One man's restrospective look at how this sport has changed my life.

Posted 06-23-2011 at 08:46 PM by jonahm740
My first foray into the world of airsoft came in the summer of 2002 when a friend brought over what looked to be a pretty realistic Beretta M9 that shot little plastic bb's. We took turns shooting each other, being super impressed and quickly organizing en mass to clean off the shelves and arm up.

As time progressed we were introduced into the world of HFC spring MP5's and M16's. Thinking ourselves the masters of the universe we carved a brush maze into the property of my co-worker and played all night long after work for almost the entire summer.

Time passed and our cheap spring guns broke down. We had neither the time nor inclination to fix them and as we didn't have the money to replace them the hobby faded and we moved on but the passion never died. In the spring of 2007, that passion was rekindled by an impulsive purchase of a JG G36c off of ebay.

We reassembled the crew, those of us who were still around from that wonderful summer. Upon getting together and marveling at this newly found affordability for such cool toys. A trip was planned to columbus, purely for "exploratory" reasons and the 6 of us set off on our quest for knowledge. At the end of the day, Smith sold 5 guns and all of us took a few more steps down the road to today.

Flash forward 8 months of playing in the back yard, private property and the alternative school where I worked (with permission from the boss of course) we made a phone call that changed the way we played the game. I was told by a friend that someone he knew was really into airsoft and played at an abandoned school house in Vinton County. This was the opportunity that we couldn't pass up. It was there that we came to join the Ruins Raiders.

The rest as they say, is history.......

One of those that played with us in the brush maze in 2002 is now my wife. Many of the players that made the trek to smith are among my closest friends and I have forged lasting and wonderful friendships with men and women all over Ohio.

I started playing as a very overweight smoker (328 at my heaviest) who couldn't last more than a game or two without being hopelessly winded and wiped out and now I spend my weekends humping tactical gear and guns up and down hills with gusto. In October I will have quit smoking for 3 years and I am currently 64 pounds lighter than I was at my peak and getting smaller every day.

This sport has taken me to every corner of the state, fictional foreign countries and even to the end of the world. I think often about how grateful I am to have this sport and the relationships that I have made and strengthened as a result of it.
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    Funny how something that seemed so small, burst into a great obsession and past time. In less than a year, I've switch from paintball to Airsoft, owned 6-8 guns, formed a team, attended plenty of events, and have had the time if my life! So I completely understand what you mean.
    Posted 06-29-2011 at 05:43 PM by ghosteater4 ghosteater4 is offline
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    OverLord's Avatar
    Agh the great stories of how airsoft is awsome... Evil Head said it best.. "Airsoft is awsome, If I could eat it I would."
    I have my own story as well.. Started when I was 13.. ive spent 2k on the hobby since, Created a team, owned a bunch of cool stuff, started a club at my school, learned the value of hard work and saving money, am now worshiped by the younger kids I meet at backyard events.. and contrary to popular belief... am only 15. I do believe Jonah, Whiterook, and more than a few others all think im 18.....
    Posted 06-29-2011 at 09:08 PM by OverLord OverLord is offline
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    Blade's Avatar
    No overlord, we all know you are 15...
    Posted 06-30-2011 at 12:40 PM by Blade Blade is offline
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    Soothsayer's Avatar
    "now worshiped by the younger kids I meet at backyard events.."

    now learn humility.

    I've only owned 2 guns, briefly on a team, and spent less than 1K on it since '09. The people I've met have been exceedingly generous, friendly, and instructive. Airsoft truly brings us together in ways that nothing else could.
    Posted 07-01-2011 at 05:41 PM by Soothsayer Soothsayer is offline

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