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Buy Local

Posted 07-27-2009 at 06:43 AM by Vader

There are many benefits to buying from your local airsoft retailer instead of a dot com. Even if "local" means purchasing online from an Ohio store that may be 200 miles away.
1. Support the local economy. Studies have shown that when you buy local, those retailers use your dollars to buy local themselves. The business needs goods and services too, and the money you spend there helps support other area stores.

2. Community support. Who's more likely to endorse an Ohio airsoft event? That's right...Ohio airsoft retailers. Not to mention, non-profit organizations often receive 250% more donations from local businesses than national ones.

3. Keep the landscape unique. Do you really want another Wal-Mart or McDonalds cluttering up your town? One-of-a-kind local retailers give communities character and can attract other small businesses to the area.

4. Jobs! In this downturn economy, keeping small business doors open is a good thing. Keep the ripple effect in mind. Even though an airsoft store might only have a couple employees, if that store closes, other businesses are affected. It might be a friend, a neighbor, or a relative whose job is on the line.

5. Better service. The real #1 reason to support your local airsoft store. You will NEVER be more satisfied than dealing with a real, live person. Someone you can put a face with a name. Someone who doesn't just consider you an order number. Someone who knows what you want before you walk in the door. You can't put a price on service.

6. Taxes. The tax money you spend at a local store goes directly to support local and state efforts.
So the next time you're shopping online for your next airsoft purchase, keep the little guys in mind. Ask yourself if saving a few bucks is really worth it. Most often, local retailers are competitive on price anyway. The money you spend will help keep the Ohio airsoft community thriving and growing.
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  1. Old
    Dougrich's Avatar
    Death to marxmart!
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 11:12 AM by Dougrich Dougrich is offline
  2. Old
    You didn't mention what I have learned is the most important reason to buy local: IT'S LOCAL!!!

    I bought an echo 1 gun from Airsoft GI. It got here and immediately broke. So I had a choice of sending it in to airsoft gi (located in california) or echo 1 (also located in california) for repair.

    Happy to say nearly a month later (ugh) it has returned in full working condition.

    This entire problem could have been solved buying locally. Instead of spending a month in shipping it could have been picked up in dropped off making it a couple of days for repair (?) versus a month.

    I learned the hard way, just take my advice and buy locally.
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 12:20 PM by Fitch Fitch is offline
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    ace's Avatar
    I try to buy local. It just seems I have bad timing. The Airsoft stores in Ohio never seem to have what I need when I need it.
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 12:26 PM by ace ace is offline
  4. Old
    Same problem as ace. But I would prefer to buy local.
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 12:52 PM by cj93 cj93 is offline
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    TATER77's Avatar
    I have that same problem.
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 03:03 PM by TATER77 TATER77 is offline
  6. Old
    Comrade Garcia's Avatar
    I've decided to start buying local after ordering my 226 from AirsoftSmith, and it takes no time at all to get here. When I purchased from Evike it would take a week or so to get here, but ordering from inside the state it takes a day. I'd go to the brick and mortar stores but I live in Youngstown and all the stores in Ohio are too far away to justify regular trips.
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 05:36 PM by Comrade Garcia Comrade Garcia is offline
  7. Old
    Remington's Avatar
    I buy from out of state sources just so I don't have to pay tax.

    My reason?

    I just can't bring myself to burden the state government with even more money when they don't know how to handle what they currently have.
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 06:18 PM by Remington Remington is offline
  8. Old
    Izokay's Avatar
    Is it okay to buy online, but from Ohio stores?
    I don't want to drive 2 hours to get a gun, but I'll drive 2 hours to fix a gun.
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 06:59 PM by Izokay Izokay is offline
  9. Old
    Vader's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Vader
    Even if "local" means purchasing online from an Ohio store that may be 200 miles away.
    Yep. Your e-dollars are just as good as the real thing!
    Posted 07-27-2009 at 07:27 PM by Vader Vader is offline
  10. Old
    Kung Fu Moses's Avatar
    Well, while we're endorsing buying local, if you're ever in Springfield, go to Main Street Comics and Games. It's a great shop I go to to hang out after work. Scott can probably get you whatever comic title you want. If you do go to MSC&G tell 'em Josh P. sent you...

    Oh, and they're hosting a convention at Wittenberg University Sept. 12th. Hit me up with a PM if you want more details. I'll send you their link.

    Enough advertising from me, I gotta go drop a couple hundred bucks at Airsoft Smith. Too much to buy for too many people before Blind Fury.
    Posted 07-28-2009 at 03:30 PM by Kung Fu Moses Kung Fu Moses is offline
    Updated 07-28-2009 at 03:33 PM by Kung Fu Moses
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    Dora's Avatar
    I buy local; everything I buy is from the planet Earth. I'll be damned if those Klingons are going to get more of our jobs...
    Posted 07-28-2009 at 05:12 PM by Dora Dora is offline
  12. Old
    BIRDSTRIKE's Avatar
    Too, bad they only make replicas in Asia... Please correct me if I am incorrect.
    Posted 07-30-2009 at 09:25 AM by BIRDSTRIKE BIRDSTRIKE is offline
  13. Old
    So pop is Vin Diesel and mom has her head stretched and turned backwards? I hope they don't reproduce.
    Posted 07-30-2009 at 06:23 PM by
  14. Old
    BEAST's Avatar
    Now that Ive found out that AirsoftSmith is only like 10-15mins away im shopping there now. I bought a gun my first time there (few days ago from this post) awesome people there.

    However there are some things local stores just dont have compared to online places and other stores in general(being small) but it depends on location. Also the price difference can be HUGE $50+(extra) for some guns plus local tax . However Local stores are getting much better at pricing making me go there instead of the internet.

    my 2cents
    Posted 08-18-2009 at 05:04 PM by BEAST BEAST is offline

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