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Classifieds Specific Rules


If you are in violation of these rules, you may (or may not, depending on moderator discretion) receive an infraction.

1) Airsoft Ohio will not be held responsible if you get ripped off. We do not monitor trades, and we don't police them. The best we can do for you is tell you the best way to deal with a problem. Posting within the Classified Sections indicates acceptance and understanding of this policy.

2) Required Content Please provide the following information in your sale:
-Description of item(s) for sale
-Included accessories
-Payment method you prefer
-Whether you will accept trades
-Asking price
-Additional details regarding shipping and/or transport of the items

If you cannot post ALL of this information: DO NOT bother posting your item.

3) Forbidden content - The following types of posts are verboten:
-"Bumping" posts that are not your own
-Making any comments in posts that do not have relevance to that sale ad
-Linking to Ebay or other classifieds ads
-Attempting to sell any illegal item
-Retailers are forbidden from posting threads in the classifieds
-Posting comments such as "I can get it cheaper at X place"
-Post such as "I'm interested in X". If you are interested, send them a PM telling them so.
-If you are selling multiple items in one thread and some of them happen to sell, modify your original post to say this. POSTING IN YOUR THREAD TO SAY THAT ITEMS HAVE SOLD IS CONSIDERED A BUMP!
-Testing the waters. If you aren't actually selling the item, it isn't a classified ad. Either you are selling/trading the item or you are not.

4) Bumping - You are allowed to bump your thread 72 hours after the last post made in your thread. ANY reply/post made by the Author of the sale ad (or one we believe is being used as a proxy) is considered a violation of this rule. (THIS INCLUDES ALL OF YOU OUT THERE THAT BELIEVE YOU ARE SPECIAL.) This is otherwise known as a BTT (Bump to top) Violation.

5) NO DUPLICATE ADS! - If you post more than one sale ad for a specific item, they will all be deleted.

6) All threads that have been unmaintained (IE dead) will be deleted after a period of 30 days.

7) Posts not specifically mentioned by these rules - There may be instances where your posts may be considered inappropriate, but don't necessarily violate a written rule. If this occurs, a moderator will contact you asking you to stop doing what you are doing. Should this occur and you feel you are being wronged in some way, feel free to contact one of the administrators. This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get your way, but it will mean that other moderators will take the matter under advisement.

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